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Affiliate Programs – Basic Tips to Make Living From Affiliate Programs

A small group of people might have used affiliate programs to earn a living few years back but now the concept has changed. There are thousands of thousands people who earn their living on this and many of them are very successful earning six figure income. It is also known as referral programs or associates or partner. Different companies name it differently but the ideas remain the same. The simple idea is selling other product through your website and earning flat commission or percentage revenue sharing.

Since it offers great potential, you can see millions of people who are involved in these programs but not all are successful. I come across hundreds of website on a daily basis where I could see hundred of referrals link posted in a single website. I wonder if they make any money out of their website in this way of promoting affiliate links. I have a plan to post quality affiliate programs details in the coming days, where you can benefit with participation. However before doing so, I would like to go through basics of affiliate programs which will be useful for the beginners.

First let me explain about affiliate programs and how it works. As discussed above, this is also called as referral programs, partner or associates. When you don’t have any product to sell to your customer, this offers a great substitute to let you sell other company product and you earn a commission for that. For example, you offer advice on friendship, dating or sex topic to your website visitor but you don’t have any product to sell, it will be great to affiliate with some dating website and promote their link in your website. Your website visitor will find your link relevant and you earn a commission for that reference whenever your website visitor make a purchase using the affiliate program link given in your website. There are few programs, where you get flat commission on per visitor basis, whether they make any purchase or not are irrelevant.

There are very few programs, where you have to pay fees to become affiliate while most of them are free. There are some where they even provide you customized website to get web traffic. When you register for an affiliate program, you get a link where your affiliate ID is embedded and you need to use the same link while sending your visitor to the affiliate websites and your website visitor and sales will be tracked.

Earning Potential There is a huge earning potential and there could be many ways to earn money depending on your agreement with the affiliate programs. It could be classified into following:

(1) Pay per click: Here you get paid based on how many of your website visitor click on your affiliate links.

(2) Pay per sales: In this case you will get paid flat commission say $50 on per sale

(3) Percentage earning per sales: You will get paid certain percentage of transaction value, it varies between 10% to 75% depending on programs.

(4) Pay per leads: these programs pay their affiliates based on the number of visitors they refer who sign up as leads. This simply means the visitor fills out some requested information at the merchant site, which the merchant site may use as a sales lead or sell to another company as a sales lead. Many also pays you in slabs. For example, if you have done 100 sales in a month, you will get paid 40% of the transaction value, for 100-149 sales in a month the commission will be 50%, while for 150-199 sales the commission will be 60%.

Does it really help to become affiliate of many programs!

Not really. I have come across thousands of website who wants to make money through affiliate programs and displays hundreds of affiliate links. These sites focus only on affiliate links and do not support the program with content. These links may help webmaster to pick up some new programs but will not help your website visitor to buy any product from your link. Since most of the affiliate programs are free and easy to join and also you get free web page, people sign up for many affiliate programs and they find it difficult to focus on any product. Instead I think the best way to promote affiliate links supported with lots of content. You should promote few affiliate programs which are related to the content of your website. Also you should be careful while promoting any affiliate programs. You should concentrate only on high quality programs where your website visitor should feel satisfied with your recommendation. You should target promoting any affiliate programs with detailed review on that program. If your website visitor find that review relevant and useful, they will visit your affiliate link and conversion ratio will be very high. And if your recommended program satisfies your website visitor, there is more chance for your visitor to come back to your site and look for another review.

What I mean to say that if your website focus on dating advice, matrimonial issues etc. you should pick up programs which are dating or matrimonial websites. You can also promote books on the same subject preferably with your affiliate links of Amazon. But you should not give link of search engine Optimization Company in your dating website. This will not lead your website visitors anywhere. However when your website focuses on creating a website related stuff, you should consider search engine Optimization Company as an affiliate programs.

I also prefer to consider 3-4 affiliate programs in the same category. For example if your website discuss topics related to matrimonial issues, you should consider 3-4 quality affiliate links in this category and you should give your honest opinion for each programs with your affiliate links. Based on your review, each visitor will find different reviews useful and would like to go for your recommended product. Once they feel satisfied with your recommendation, they become your repeat customer and your website gets credibility among your visitor. This will also help you to get lot of traffic through word of mouth publicity.

So the idea is you should not focus on affiliate links, instead you should focus on your website content and your affiliate links should support your website content. so keep the content unique in your style and update it frequently.

Which affiliate programs to choose

There are many affiliate programs to pick up. Many operate independently while many operate through affiliate network like commission junction or click bank etc. To start with, you should sign up with commission junction or click bank and search for the related category. You will get many programs related to your website theme and commission junction will do all to support you. They will provide you all the historical data of particular affiliate programs, banners and text links etc. You can check your report (traffic and sales data etc.) at anytime by going to commission junction website and you will get paid every month directly from commission junction.

Steps to start

— Book a domain name and web space

— Publish website based on any topic of your interest

— Search for the appropriate affiliate programs based on your website theme

— Sign up for affiliate program, write a review and publish it in your website with your referral link

— Start promoting your website through forum, classified etc.

— Work on search engine optimization and start getting traffic from search engine

— That’s it, your website visitor will help you to earn through your affiliate programs

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How to Choose the Correct Niche in Affiliate Marketing – Tips For Stay at Home Moms

If you are one of the many stay at home moms who have chosen affiliate marketing as a way to earn extra money then you know the importance of choosing the right niche. The majority of people fail in affiliate marketing because they make poor niche selection

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer there are a few things you should keep in mind when you are choosing which niches you want to get involved in.

Avoid Free Markets

Try to avoid markets where people are offered a free trial. People don’t always come back and purchase the product. So unless you are paid for the free trial you are wasting your time. Select a market where you know buyers are willing to purchase the products. The health market and golf market are great examples of markets where you know people are serious about purchasing products. The health industry is a billion dollar a year industry. That’s one market where you know people are willing to spend money and lots of it.

Select a market that has a range of high demand products

Again the health market is a great example of a market that has a range of high demand products. You can research the health market right now and find 50-60 products if not more that are selling really well right now. If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing then you will need to pick a niche where you know you will always have an in demand product to promote. Health products are normally high ticket items so you can make a nice commission off of these products.

Put a high in demand product on your site and promote the hell out of it. Once it stops selling replace it with the next high demand product.

Select the Merchants Who Are Good Product Promoters

Always select a market where you know the merchant is a good promoter of their product. This way you don’t have to work as hard. When apple came out with the iphone they promoted and promoted and promoted until they couldn’t promote anymore. If you were an affiliate of AT & T and you had the iphone on your site you could have benefited from their promotions. People were searching around the net looking for good deals on the iphone. All you would have had to do was get in front of the millions of people looking for the iphone. Do you see the power of working with a merchant that is a good promoter? They generate the interest in the products and all you have to do is get the visitors to your site to make the purchase and you get the commission.

Selecting the correct niche market is the key to running a successful affiliate marketing business. Remember these tips next time you are doing niche selection and you will be able to make some nice affiliate commissions.

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What is the Best Way to Do Affiliate Marketing? Two Important Tips That Most People Often Neglect

There are many ways to do affiliate marketing. But if you are looking for the best way to do affiliate marketing, it is by doing two things.

1. Build a list: The experts say, the “money is in the list” which is partly true. The actual money is not in the list alone but the relationship you have with your list. So this is the reason why you shouldn’t treat your list as a cash cow. Know that these are real people with real problems. So empathize with them, talk to them like a friend, like a mentor, like an advisor and help solve their problems. This means that it is your job to make sure that you provide good value to your subscribers and not pitch them with sales offers all the time.

And if you are wondering what you can offer your subscribers for free. You can offer them free reports, free audios, free videos. Go to YouTube and there you can find a ton of videos in any market you can think of. Get the embed code and paste the video code in your blog or website and within a second you have a free video for your subscribers.

Want a free report? Go to the merchant’s website and check if they offer any branded reports. Take a look at private label rights products or public domain products and brand them accordingly. It doesn’t take much to offer something valuable to your marketplace. You just need to be slightly creative.

2. Build a blog: People buy from people they trust. By building a blog, you can brand yourself, give a face to your readers, get feedback from your readers and make recommendations than doing hard selling. Also when people visit your blog and see other people commenting, it gives social proof and makes people a lot more secure. One of the most important fears, people have while buying online is the fear of being ripped off. If you can assure them that you are genuine and sell affiliate products that have a money back guarantee, it becomes so much easier for the buyers to make the decision.

Affiliate marketing does not have to be hard. Once you have a fail proof blueprint to follow, you will succeed. Just remember you must keep focus and stick to a method until you master it. Don’t jump from one program to the next otherwise you will never become good at anything worthwhile.

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Affiliate Marketing – The Importance of Setting Realistic Income Goals

One of the most important things you need to do to be successful at affiliate marketing is define realistic income goals – goals that you’ll have to work to reach, but goals that it’s possible for you to achieve.

Yes, it is possible to make $1000 in 24 hours like some of those products claim. But most of those people have been making money online for a few years and they’ve become very knowledgeable about the marketplace and the products they’re promoting.

If you, on the other hand, have no computer experience whatsoever, how can you expect to log on and make $1000 in your very first day? And if you are familiar with computers, have you ever set up a website? Do you have any marketing experience? Do you even know how to choose a product to promote and how to go about promoting it?

One of the biggest reasons that people fail at affiliate marketing is because they don’t set realistic income goals. They read all that hype about making money hand over fist and living the lifestyle of the rich and famous and they think that if they’re not making that $1000 a day they must not be cut out for it.

The truth is, you have to learn to crawl before you can walk and you have to learn to walk before you can run. Setting yourself unrealistic goals that you can’t possible meet will only discourage you in the long run. And most people, when they reach that level, give up and forget about trying to make money online. And often they are so close to being successful that if they’d just hung in there for a little while longer they would have seen their dreams become reality.

But you’re not going to do that. Set realistic income goals that you can reach. Set a small goal to start with – $20 a day, or even just $10. A lot of people are happy just getting their first 20 cents in AdSense clicks – it means they did something right. Now all they need to do is do it again and again and try to make it even better.

Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. But you still have to keep putting one foot in front of the other if you want to reach your goal. Start out taking small steps to begin with to keep yourself motivated. Celebrate each success – no matter how large or small. And be patient while you learn. You’ll be running with those big guys soon enough!

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6 Top Affiliate Marketing Techniques Used By The Pros

There are a number of affiliate marketing techniques that smart online entrepreneurs use to increase the income that they earn from the internet. Here are 6 of the top strategies used by the pros.

1. Diversification

The top affiliate marketing niches are wealth, health and relationships because these all affect everyone. But there’s a huge variety of different affiliate marketing niches out there. By implementing the skills and affiliate marketing techniques you have mastered in other markets you can diversify into new totally independent niches.

2. List Building

Whatever your chosen niche, list building is one of the most important affiliate marketing techniques to get good at. When you develop a relationship with the people on your list you can recommend specific products and services when you find them.

3. Recurring Income

Recurring income is one of the affiliate marketing techniques that, when you get it right, it can really help your bottom line to skyrocket. Do the work once, get paid forever. Make the effort to search for programs that pay a regular monthly commission. Although the initial sale commission may be low, as they build up, the long-term value is difficult to beat.

4. Don’t Be Lazy

Often the reason for poor earnings can be down to one relatively unpleasant word. Laziness. You need to be constantly looking for new products, and promoting them. You need to mater a good deal of affiliate marketing techniques and skills. This includes, but is not limited to, basic website design, list building, traffic generation and having a good working relationship not only with your list but also with the owners of the programs you promote.

5. High Ticket Products

The most lucrative of all affiliate marketing strategies is the sale of high ticket items. This is where you can earn over $1000 commission per sale. People buy high priced items because they deliver an exceptional difference and value in comparison with cheaper priced products. To sell high ticket items you have to be enthusiastic about your products and services and have developed a strong relationship with your customer so that they trust you to offer items that provide the maximum possible value.

6. A Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is the process that your customer goes through from becoming a lead to becoming a regular customer. You have to get the prospect on your list, you have to provide value to them so that they can see the benefit of your products and services and you have to be able to offer a sufficient choice of products and services. The techniques used in your marketing funnel will enable your customer to make an informed decision on what and when to buy.

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How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing Just by Posting Free Ads Online: 2 First-Hand Tips

Making money posting free ads online is one of the simplest way’s I’ve found to get sales as an affiliate marketer. The reason is, you only need two things to earn money online via this method: (i) a good product/service; and (ii) a decent amount of traffic.

Free classified ad sites like Backpage and Craigslist provide the traffic. And, you can promote a product (eg, ebook) you’ve created. If you don’t have one, you can find thousands of them to promote on sites like Clickbank and CommissionJunction.

The 2 Mistakes Many Make When Trying to Make Money Posting Ads Online & How to Fix Them

I stumbled upon this way of earning money as an affiliate marketer back in 2008 – my first “real” go at affiliate marketing. It’s worked out so well that I continue to use it to this day. I receive a lot of questions about it, and following are the two biggest mistakes I see people making:

1. Being Impatient: This is totally understandable because many who are new to internet marketing usually are trying to imitate the success others have had. And you should. But, realize – it probably took some twists and turns for them to get there.

For example, I’m always very clear about the fact that I “accidentally” starting making money posting free ads online. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a “hot” product which was in the news all the time (eg, on Oprah, 60 Minutes and nightly news programs).

With coverage like this, it was relatively easy to make sales promoting this product. Once, I made $900 in one day promoting this product. But I like to point out that this is an anomaly. It won’t happen with every product you promote.

To date, I haven’t promoted another one which has been this successful. But, I have promoted others that earn a few hundred per month regularly – with very little effort. If you string together two, three or five products that earn you $400, $600 or $800 per month, you can earn a very nice living just by posting ads online.

But, you have to be patient enough to find those.

2. Product Hopping: As in, flitting from product to product – and not giving any a real chance to succeed.

Besides promoting my own ebooks and e-classes, I have three or four different products that I have consistently promoted for going on five years now. These are evergreen products that a lot of people need, so they’ll always make money if I do my part to promote them – consistently.

It can get boring promoting the same affiliate products over and over again – especially if you’re only making “a few hundred bucks per month.” But, you have to take the long-range view.

Affiliate Marketing Tip for Newbies: If a product is profitable, add it to your “cache”, and find three, four or five others that are profitable – then you can sit back and just promote those and make money.

Instead of doing this though, many will flit from product to product – forgetting the ones that made them a little “consistent” money (see how this is a running theme), in search of the one that’s going to make them “thousands” per month.

Unfortunately, that’s less likely to happen.

To make money posting ads online is not hard – but the key is to find a few winners and consistently promote them. Did I mention that the best part of this online business is that it’s free? And, you can start today — really!

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Affiliate Marketing – Dos and Don’ts

In the world of Internet marketing, a prosperous campaign is the one that succeeds in maximising the effectiveness of each and every element of a website. Affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding ways of making your websites generate bigger revenues for you. However, one needs to be cautious, as this arena is laden with fraudulent elements who aim to make money by cheating their partners and customers. Therefore, it is very important to be very clear about the advantages and disadvantages of online affiliate networks. There are a number of dos and don’ts that need to be adhered to, especially by newcomers who are keen to join this marketplace.

Affiliate Marketing – Things you should do:

1) It is very important to keep a track of the results of your affiliate programme. You should constantly keep analyzing these results and work towards bettering them.

2) Your main focus should be on bringing targeted audience to your site. It is this factor that actually impacts the earnings of your website. Although every visitor is a bonus, you would ideally want to be visited by people who matter, people who can turn out to be prospective customers.

3) If your programme on an online affiliate network is not generating revenues as expected, try and shift to another one. Replace non-responsive programmes with top earning ones.

4) Be very clear about the payment system you’ll share with your clients. Whether it is based on clicks, leads, or sales, the commission system should be vividly stated before the agreement. It should also be in accordance with products or services that are to be promoted.

Affiliate Marketing – Things you should not do:

1) Avoid including more than four links for marketing on one website at the same time. This reduces the appeal of the site, and might also drive away the visitors. Fewer the links, greater are the chances of their being clicked.

2) You should not join affiliate marketing networks just for the sake it. It is mandatory that you strategise and device a plan that’ll ensure your step-by-step growth in this arena.

3) Do not join programmes going by their name or reputation only. Undertake in-depth research and analysis before choosing the affiliates or merchants you wish to work with.

The process of Affiliate Marketing requires a good deal of research and analysis about the online market. Before you plan to invest your time and money into online marketing, be very sure of the kind of clientèle you wish to cater to. There have been quite a few instances of deception and fraud in this field, and thus it is necessary to be sagacious.

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Affiliate Marketing Success For Newbies

Affiliate marketing is a way in which companies sell their products and/or services through other companies or individuals (known as affiliates) for a commission.

This is done in two main approaches; you either become an affiliate to another business or offer other marketers an affiliate program.

Affiliate marketers earn a commission fee for each lead or sale they channel to the business owner.

This type of marketing thrives more on the diversity of networks different people have, ensuring that the products or services being offered reach every corner of the world bearing in mind that the bulk of it is done online.

The main challenge entrepreneurs have is finding affiliates capable of reaching the diverse untapped markets with their products or services.

If the product is really good, the chances of realizing the most from any affiliate marketing campaign are high.

Anyway who doesn’t want to lay his or her hands on a high quality product or an amazing service?

If there is demand for something, many people will want to be part of the success story and help fill the marketing gap as they make a few extra dollars on the sides.

To succeed, it is recommended that a product be introduced through a more trusted company, especially if you are just starting with no market presence.

Doing this can grab more prospects’ attention than doing it on your own.

To find trusted and committed affiliates will depend on the offer you place before them.

If the commission is reasonable, the product is good and there is a market demand, attracting affiliates is easier in that case.

It is important to be cautious with affiliate marketing lest you end up competing for eyeballs with your affiliates.

To do this, map out and clearly specify what marketing channels your affiliates should keep off from.

Example, if you are using search engines, email lists or content sites, advise your affiliates to keep off and explore alternative sources.

Having marketing restrictions in the affiliate agreement will help eliminate the confusion-there is nothing wrong in setting the rules for the good of all.

This is however only ideal if you intend most of the marketing efforts.

For those who prefer to let affiliate handle most of the internet marketing, this there should be a caveat on the allowable marketing platforms so long as they get the leads, make their commissions and everyone is happy.

Joining an affiliate program doesn’t guarantee a long term job opportunity.

Those who have ever tried it will attest to the fact that the work can be demanding.

Business owners also want enthusiast who share their business dreams.

Therefore, they prefer working with the best while the rest are left out.

After all, the Pareto principle, also known as the 80-20 rule applies in this case; most of the revenue will come from a small number of affiliates.

Managing a large affiliate network can also be demanding, a lean team is recommended.

Payment for leads in affiliate marketing is done flexibly; sometimes based on the number of leads or sales or periodically.

Most systems allow affiliates to monitor their income in real-time and can withdraw their earnings after hitting a certain goal.

Make sure you do your research on the best affiliate programs and create plan to market.

Don’t just shove products down people’s throats…

Figure out a need and provide a solution.

You will see your efforts pay off in the long run.

Best Wishes!

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Low Budget Affiliate Marketing Business Tips

Is online affiliate marketing the right thing for you? You won’t know unless you take it for a spin.

If you don’t try, then you will never know if you could have been a great affiliate or not. You have nothing to loose and all to gain. In the worst case scenario, if you go wrong with affiliate marketing, then you didn’t loose that much because you can start a low budget affiliate marketing business, so that you don’t loose to much money if things don’t work out! You actually gain a lot of experience in affiliate marketing and online business, too.

If you put some work into your affiliate business and treat it like a business, because it really is a business, then, you will be successful. Remember, if you treat it like a hobby business, you will get a hobby income! So, stop doing what you are doing and make this day the day that you commit to changing the direction of your life.

As with any business start up, affiliate marketing makes no exception, in the sense that you will need to spend an amount of money on the basics to get you started (but, as I said, you can start off with a low budget). You have to decide how much money you can afford to invest in your affiliate marketing business.

But, the amazing advantage that affiliate marketing has over any other known business is that you can start it from scratch (and I do mean scratch – there are people who have started their affiliate marketing business with a low budget of as little as 100 $ and are now earning over 300 000 $ a month!!!) and you still have a pretty good chance of making good money.

Here are 3 items that you will have to make a budget for (it’s up to you to make it as low as possible):

The Domain Name.

The domain name should be short (1 to 4 words max), easy to remember and related to the subject. You can find domain names for as low as 1.99$ to even 12 $ or more! Be very picky with the registering company and make sure that it is a well established one. Ask around, go to forums and blogs and see what people are saying about the company. Don’t just go and get a domain at the first website you find, do your research!

You don’t want to lose your domain name once you have decided on it (this actually happened to some people – so be carefully). It’s very likely that you’ll get a very good deal if you register your domain name for two or more years in advance (and this is good for your low budget affiliate marketing business plan as well, because you save money).

Website Hosting.

Web hosting fees vary a lot between hosting providers, so be very carefully in picking one. Set up a comparison chart and write down each hosting plan according to your low budget strategy. I know great hosting companies that charge around 8-10 $, but there are also ones a lot more expensive (it really depends on a multitude of factors: bandwidth, storage etc). But, remember that the highest fees don’t always mean the best service.

A suggestion here: if you can avoid free hosting because it can be unreliable (but as they say: better free than none at all). The idea is to get your affiliate marketing business on the road, and even if you don’t do great at first, you can learn and do better in the future, so just do it!


You definitely need to track your expenses, income, traffic and conversion from your affiliate marketing business. You have to know which methods are bringing in more traffic and which are just a waste of your time. You also need to keep your expenses on a low level (so that you can stick to your low budget) and the simplest way to do this is to use a Microsoft Excel document or a similar program. Don’t ever forget that if you want to have a real business, you must treat it as a real business!

These are just some of the things you can watch out for when starting a low budget affiliate marketing business. Now that you know what to do, you can take the long and painful road of searching the best hosting company or the most reliable software or… you can take the easy road and choose a verified system like the one you’ll find in the biobox bellow!

Whatever you choose, lots of success to you!

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Affiliate Marketing – How To Avoid Illegal Affiliate Marketing Programs

Even though affiliate marketing is not yet as popular as network marketing, there are a number of issues you will need to be wary of. In particular, if you are going to join, or even create an affiliate network, you will need to consider the integrity of each member. Aside from concerns about legitimate businesses, you will also need to make sure that you are not dealing with individuals that simply want to harvest personal information for use in identity theft schemes.

As an example, if you are signing on to a new affiliate network, you may want to review a list of the businesses that are participating. Even though a business may be new, it does not necessarily mean it is not a reliable one. In addition, considering the current economy, almost every business is in serious need of cutting marketing costs. That said, if you do some research and find that the businesses in the network have other issues, you may want to look for another group of affiliates.

It is also important to evaluate the overarching affiliate network. Consider that the network will be of no benefit to you if they do not pay their commissions on time. Unfortunately, finding out how reliable a network is may be difficult without actually joining it. On the other hand, you can always try joining affiliate networks sponsored by businesses that are well established, and have a good track record in their main area of operations. As may be expected, if you find signs that an affiliate network will not honor its commitments, the best thing you can do is steer clear of it.

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