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Building Team Spirit

Team spirit is one of the essential agents to performance and success. The basic fundamentals of any business are their marketing strategies, advertising plans, equipped technology and capital investment. But these fundamentals are worthless without the emotional commitment of the people working for the particular business. The expensive facilities, huge customer base and frontline staff can do no wonders if the working members are not bounded to dedicate themselves towards a common goal of elevating the business.

The most important aspect of sharing a common goal is building a team spirit. Team spirit is a feeling of working together as one. Team spirit is the only ladder that can take any business to pride, expansion and success. This emotional connection of the working group provides a deep sense of making a whole lot difference through meaningful work.

With the thought of ‘unity is strength’, every big and small company is promoting team spirit as a part of their culture to pave way to win the game. All the employees work together to buy comparable products at competitive prices through acquisition and potentially, producing the best outcome. The only company that makes tangible investment in making a good team is the company that climbs the ladder at a faster pace.

In this world of everyone-for-himself, it is difficult to develop team spirit but yet we have gathered some meaningful resources that can help you as a leader to bind your team members with one common goal.

Here are some of the team building activities:

1. Encourage universal cooperation among team members and divide them in small groups to help them work together by supporting each other.

2. Identify non-value-added work such as Bureaucracy, rework, and inefficiency that destroys the feeling of commitment. Involve team members into action plans and reduce useless work.

3. Build a strong and well established relationship between the organization and customers. Involve your customers in various events, training programs and celebrations. This will help you dictate the qualities and effectiveness of your products and services in presence of huge number of people.

4. Give autonomy to the team and keep everything as simple as possible. Don’t unnecessarily complicate things. Keep the rules, regulations, systems and principles lenient.

5. Develop a healthy environment by promoting humor and entertainment sessions. This can help release tensions and improve the power of determination. Ensure that the humors don’t disguise barb among the team members.

6. Share your cup of tea with all your team members. Tell them your real life experiences of how you crossed all obstacles and tough times to reach the place where you are. This will motivate them and help them build an even stronger organization.

7. Avoid any kind of disagreement and miscommunication as these can lead to negative emotions and hamper the feeling of oneness.

8. Place a visible board with applause for members and let the whole organization acknowledge the worth of team spirit.

9. Recognize and celebrate all the significant activities and milestones reached. Try to approach all towards a positive attitude with a feeling of “we will win”.

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