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Building Muscle For Skinny Guys – How To Get The Body You Want

Building muscle for skinny guys is not as easy as it is for other people. Hard-gainers are genetically less likely to pack on pounds of muscle, and so body building in this population requires the use of harder and smarter methods. If you have noticed other guys working out in the gym with no real routine and useless form, yet they get bigger and bigger every time you see them, yet you’re working out much harder and not growing at all. Then most likely you’re a hard-gainer who doesn’t yet know the building muscle for skinny guys method.

Being a hard-gainer does not mean you cannot build muscles. You can still have that body you’ve always wanted. Shirtless at the beach with big arms, and chest. You can still have the best abs at the summer-house, and you will never have to be embarrassed about your body again.

This article outlines the 3 main “building muscle for skinny guys” steps. You follow these and you will be bigger in no time.

Building muscle for skinny guys step #1

Eat like there’s no tomorrow. You have to start consuming a LOT OF CALORIES. Muscle building requires lots of energy and your daily caloric intake has to make up for it. Your protein intake should be really high too because it is the building block of your muscles and you need lots of that. Good carbohydrates from whole grain foods, fruits and veggies and good oils like coconut and olive oil are also essential components of your diet. Remember you will also need a lot more water to stay hydrated and keep the toxins out of your body.

Building muscle for skinny guys step #2

Rest a lot and avoid overworking yourself in the gym, because this is one of the biggest mistakes that us hard-gainers make. We work too hard and spend too much time in the gym and ultimately this might result in muscle loss at worst and no muscle gains at best. Sleep well too because you gain muscle in your bed, not in the gym.

Building muscle for skinny guys step #3

Work out intelligently. 3-4 times a week maximum and 90 minutes at most each time. Work out hard each time and make sure you push yourself to your limits. Whether it is the number of sets, reps, or the weight, go as far as you can. Make sure you switch between different work outs every 4-6 weeks to prevent reaching plateaus.

The building muscle for skinny guys guide has 3 simple pieces of advice for you. Work out right, eat right, and sleep right and before you know it you can have that body you’ve always wanted and the confidence to go with it. And the compliments are definitely worth all the hard work in the gym.

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