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Building Mass Workouts – Achieve Explosive Results in Little Time

I think you really need to read this if you are looking for effective methods to get the most out of your building mass workouts. After a while we tend to make the process of building lean muscle a much more complicated task than it really is. Here is how to achieve the best results with your mass workouts.

Building Mass Workouts – How to Get Explosive Results

Stop Going to the Store

First of all, this really needs to be said.

You do NOT need all those supplements in order to put on more muscle. In fact, those supplements give little to no results. They just appeal to the ego and give you the IDEA of fast results though you are really not going to get a difference with or without them.

It is best to save your money.

Workout Less

If your goal is to build muscle mass, then you need to focus on working out less. You should have a full body workout 2 times a week only (maybe 3) at most and then focus on your diet for the rest of the time.

Full body workouts have been proven countless times to achieve better results compared to split body workouts. This is because it stimulates higher testosterone levels. So stop being lazy and workout those legs.

Until Failure

Having a spotter is absolutely vital if you wish to get the most from your workouts. You see, every set should go until absolute muscle failure. Stop thinking about "saving" energy for the next set. Just go all out. Remember that a workout is supposed to be an absolute battle on your body. You will not get anywhere by taking it easy on yourself all the time.

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