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Building a Small Backyard Chicken Coop – Save Time and Money

Building a small backyard chicken coop can be a project and can become a costly adventure if you do not know what you are doing. But there is no need let it consume your life and cost you a lot of money.

Some things should be considered before you begin to avoid any problems in the future are:

Design: You want a structurally sound coop that is not going to cost you tons of money to keep up and repair all the time. Using quality building products will over time save you a lot of money and valuable time. Also consider:

How you will clean the coop, you can have a removable floor for easy clean up (which can also be used to fertilize your yard and / or garden).

How the windows and door will open and make sure they are big enough for you to enter, how will your chickens enter the coop?

Slope the floor to avoid puddles building up and for easy spray down

Protection: You need to make sure you can lock up your coop at night and protect your pets from predators. A big mistake people make is not taking this important factor into how to build a small backyard chicken coop and the next thing you know your waking up to your precious pets laying lifeless in the coop.

Ventilation: You must ventilate your coop for the health of your chickens as well as yourself. Healthy chickens are happy chickens!

Lighting source: Keeping lights near the chicken coop can also save your flock from predators. Your chickens will also require a certain amount of hours of light per day in order to be healthy and produce eggs.

Appearance: Although this is not a major factor, it should be considered. Your neighbors as well as your-self will be looking at this structure everyday and an appealing coop can make all the difference in the tolerance your neighbors will have towards your new pets.

Now, if you really are considering building a small backyard chicken coop, these things do need to be taken into consideration. Check out more information at

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