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Building a Coaching Business – Increase Your Sign Up Rate Through Blogging

Based on research, almost 75% of those people who ever sign up to coaching programs, visit at least 5 related blogs before they make a decision to buy. Perhaps, these people are trying to make sure that the coach they sign up with has so much information to share and knowledgeable enough to coach them those things that they're dying to know about. This is the reason why it's highly recommended that you make blogging a part of your coaching business. It could have been another overwhelming task on your list but it's something that can really help you out.

Here's how you can increase your sign up rate through blogging:

First step is to ensure that your blog is something that you, yourself would want to visit on a daily basis. It must be extremely attractive, easy to navigate, and it must contain compelling information. Aside from texts, load it up with images and videos as well. Your visitors would certainly love the variety. As for the design, ensure that it would look professional. Remember, you would want your visitors to think of you as someone who can help them get from point A to point B. So, unless you're coaching teenagers how to land a prom date, stay away from glitters, pinks, and baby blues .

Ask. Do not start writing your blog posts without really understanding what your prospects might be looking for. So, join them on forums and simply ask about the topics that they would want you to discuss or simply read their conversations. The best topics for your blog posts are the problems and challenges that these people are facing. They're going to love you if you share with them the best solutions or the best ways to overcome this.

Encourage your visitors to leave their comments. It would be nice to know how your readers feel about your posts. If they were happy, you'll know, you're on the right track. If they're not, you'll know that you need to do some improvements. Getting these people to comment on your posts can also be the first step to actually talking to them. Thank them for giving your comments and ask them questions so they'll reply again. Do this over and over again until they become at ease with you.

Always offer something new. Start up to offer new information each time you tap on your keyboard. Remember, your visitors will not read your new posts if everything you've got to offer are the same information you've given out a month ago. Running out of ideas to write? Then, try content curation. Compounding amazing articles, blog posts, and videos created by industry experts and post them on your blog. Just ensure that you give them your personal take and that you ask permission from the creators that you're going to use their content on your blog and that you're going to link to them.

Update your blog on a daily basis. Your loyal followers would obviously want to see something new every single day. So, create a new post as often as possible.

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