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Build a List, a Relationship and Then Go For It!

In order to sell anyone on an MLM business there is one thing that you have to do: Build a list. This is a list of names that are, not a list of all your family and friends, but of people who have expressed interest in you in some way. As you send your list email messages, for example, they become familiar with you and they are more likely to buy from you than a cold lead. Once you have converted the people on your list to customers they are that much warmer than the cold leads and they are more likely to buy from you again.

The reason you need to build a list is that you need people with what you can build a relationship in order to make them comfortable enough with you to become customers. The way you do this is by marketing your website to generate leads. But you will not want to promote just any website. The least desirable choice would be to promote a website that your company gives you because it is not owned by you. They do not have your own URL and you need it to be. Therefore, it is not the best decision to try to promote the website you will get from your company.

The best thing to promote would be a capture page that is not attached to the corporate autoresponder. This is the only thing to do to build a list that is your own. If you were to send leads to the corporate website that has a sign up page that is connected to the company's autoresponder, the list belongs to them. If your company were to go out of business you would be out of business also because you could not take the people in your downline with you to another company. And you may find a better opportunity elsewhere and want to leave your company; If you promoted the company rather than yourself you will have a harder time convincing your list to move to the new company with you.

Your main goal is to build a list so that you can then build relationships with everyone. Attraction marketing will be the technique that you can use to accomplish these goals. With attraction marketing you will promote yourself as someone who has value to other people not as someone who has something to sell. Offering something for free that will make marketing easier for people would be a good choice of something to offer to people for free to help them decide to add their names to your email list. You could, for example, offer free training on how to use social networking sites to promote an internet business.

Build a list that you can build relationships with and they will be the group of people to whom you will eventually sell your products. After you have created the relationship then you can introduce your business opportunity or your products, but never before. The fact of the matter is that people do not want to hear about your business the second you meet them. You have to warm your prospects up when they are ready for you to do this or else you will not have any luck adding distributors to your business.

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