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Browse Petition Samples to Help You Create Your Own!

There are numerous petition samples available online to give you ideas of the types of petitions you can create and to teach you how to write an effective petition.

For example, if you are looking for a petition for an issue associated with the environment or animal welfare, you can read the samples available and sign your name in support of the cause. Most of the sites that host petitions also have a list of most popular petitions of the time, such as ones started by activists or those in support of non-profit organizations.

Even within one category of petition samples, you will find many different types of petitions. One such example is that of the environment category. Here you will find petitions dealing with endangered species, protecting the rain forests of the world or the Arctic, global warming, the state of the oceans of the earth or national parks of the country. Each sample will tell you how many people have already signed this petition, the start date and the creator.

When you click on the link to one of the many petition samples, you will notice that they all share many common features. They specify the target, which is the person or organization to whom the petition will be sent and the name of the organization sponsoring the petition.

If you have an idea for a petition, you should make sure that you can legally start such a petition. This will require some research on your part and you may even be able to find an organization that will support your efforts and will therefore work to promote it for you.

Sites that offer petition samples for you to read and sign also offer you the opportunity to create a petition free of charge. You do not have to pay to have the petition hosted on the site, but you do have to try to collect the signatures by emailing the link to all your contacts. You also have to verify that you have the proper target for your petition to make sure it goes to the appropriate person with the authority to effect the changes you request.

Despite the huge numbers of petition examples that are available online, you must ensure you meet the petition guidelines for this government agency or other target. Some government agencies, for example, have a specific process that you must follow when submitting a petition.

If you do not do so, then your petition will likely be found invalid. You can use the guidelines to help you create a summary of your petition, which is an essential part of the formatting. The online sites do have the forms available for you to use, but you are the one that has to create the text and type it into the appropriate part of the form.

Once you view petition samples and are ready to write your own petition, a good rule of thumb is to prepare a draft of the opening statement. Then you can work to revise and edit the wording to ensure it accurately describes the current situation as clearly and concisely as possible. There are requirements in creating this opening position. It should do three things:

1. Give an accurate description of the current situation

2. Make suggestions for changes to this situation

3. Provide explanations of why these changes are needed and how they will be beneficial

If you have additional information or documents that support your request, you do not have to provide the documents in a petition, but you should provide links to these areas where the recipient can then go and read the information.

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