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Book Club Names – Find Great, Funny and Creative Names For Your Book Club

Many reading groups struggle to find great book club names. Others may not even know they need them. But the truth is, simply calling your book discussion group a “reading club” is no fun and it might limit your membership.

With a creative name, you’ll be able to attract more members. Plus, you’ll give your group its own unique identity. This can help decide which direction your reading lists will go, where your meeting will occur and much more!

One of the best ways to come up with creative or funny book club names is to think about what makes your group unique.

A club that meets at lunch could be called the Lunch Bunch. One that meets over dinner could be the Restaurant Readers. One that meets at the library could be the Library Ladies. A group of teachers might call themselves the Teacher’s Pets.

A reading group that likes to laugh a lot might be named the Giggle Girls or the Laughing Ladies. One made up of all men could be called the Mighty Men, while a club of all women might be the Wonder Women.

Many clever book club names also play off of book puns. For example, the Book Wormers or Book Marks.

Remember, a great name doesn’t have to be serious or literal. Just remember to think outside the box and be creative. The most important thing when choosing a name is to think about what makes your group different and embrace it!

Once you have your name, use that to set the tone and objectives of your club. Remember, your name is the springboard to finding your club’s true identity.

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