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Blogs – 10 Tips on What Not to Do When Blogging

With the advent of the blog it has never been easier sooner or cheaper to keep in contact with other like minded people. Blogs can be used for conveying any type of information you wish (within reason) it can be used as a very important business tool.

Using blogs for business can promote the visibility of your website, and can be an effective advertising tool. The content of a corporate blog should be kept short (about two hundred and fifty to four hundred words) it should be to the point. It should be on topic with a brief explanation of the product.

A corporate blog should use and be checked for correct grammar, as well as correct spelling and punctuation.
Corporate blogs should have interesting content and be informative about the product.

Here are some tips on what not to do with your blog:

1. Do not assume that your reader knows all about you and your product, take time to offer a brief explanation about you, your company and your product.

2. Do not make your blog over descriptive, make it easy to read and to follow.

3. You should not make your blog long and drawn out, this will only bore and possibly confuse the reader. The idea of ​​your content is to be short and used as a teaser, and to point your reader to your website.

4. Do not use technical explanations for your product, these should be kept for use on your website if necessary.

5. Remember your customer is your main priority, do not antagonize or in any way offend your customer. Always be courteous and friendly and offer helpful and useful advise on your product.

6. You should not over design your blog by using to many pictures or graphics, keep it simple and to the point. A simple well designed blog is always the best course to take.

7. Do not let your blogs just sit there, with the same old content. Update your blogs with fresh, unique and interesting content.

8. Do not expect your blogs to perform well if you do not update them. Update on a regular basis maybe once every other day, not only does updating your content make your blogs look interesting, the search engines will love them. By keeping your content updated you also attract the attention of the search engines, which will help to increase your search engine rankings.

9. You should not just depend on your own judgment as to which information is the most helpful to your customers. Make a space for a feedback box, ask for their comments and observations. This will help you to build a better and more useful blog.

10. Remember planning is important when constructing and using blogs as part of your overall business strategy.

The above tips and information will help you build a better blogging campaign and therefore a better business. There is no doubt about it blogs are a very effective marketing tool, so use them. Good luck.

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