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Blogging: What the Heck Is It and How Do People Earn Money From It?

The art of blogging is just that, an art. It takes preparation, skill, and creativity to really generate an audience capturing blog. The best bloggers feel it from their soul and honestly believe in what they write. They write with passion, they write with courage, they write for their own personal principals, and would you believe that they write for money? So, what is a blog, how does one create a blog, and how the heck does one make money blogging?

So first and foremost, what is a blog? Well, according to Webster a blog is simply “a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer”. I find that to be a very good definition of the term. A personal journal online live for all to see. Some use the blog to give their everyday experience where others use their blog to give their feelings on what is or has gone on in their lives. The end of that definition is also very important, “often hyperlinks provided by the writer”. Keep this in mind for future reference in this article.

Creating a blog sounds much more complicated than it really is. There are several sites out there if one uses Google to locate free sites to blog on or a domain name may be purchased to add a more personal touch to the blog. Among many bloggers they would most likely all agree that WordPress is the easiest platform to use in creation of a blog. WordPress makes creating a website/blog more of a point and click operation and very much simplifies the process. From there either choose a topic you are passionate about or you may blog about the everyday life of being you.

The best question of the article is definitely “how the heck does one make money blogging?” The answer is very simple. The hyperlinks mentioned above! You may or may not know that people use blogs every day to promote their personal business. A law firm does not have time to blog all day for business. But a blogger with a large following in their area might be worth a few hundred or if large enough a few thousand dollars to simply post a blog about the value of their services. This same concept can be used for a local restaurant, a new website trying to get noticed, or even the producers of a new movie promoting their motion picture! It easy to get carried away with the possibilities here but they simply are endless.

This article has taught what a blog is, how to create one, and how to generate income from blogging. There are millions of bloggers out there, billions if you look across the globe. When you create your first or next blog keep in mind the income potential and most definitely have fun with your blog!

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