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Blogging Tools: Choosing the Right Social Media Channels

What kind of tools bloggers use? One of the crucial things is of course, social media profile, social media accounts. In today’s world, of course, there are hundreds of social media. A platforms, not all of them are equal in value and in influence. Why do you even need social media, right?

Once you need to only write your post and be happy with this, in today’s world, you see people will not easily find your content. It will not easily come to your site. It will not be able to read your blog, unless you go to where they hang out online. In most cases, people gather online in social media today. It really makes sense to have a strong social media profiles in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, these are three main places you want to actually have strong influence.

If your target audience likes to watch a video content, consume video, then of course, YouTube is a must to have. All four of them of course, are very necessary. Actually, essential. There are few others like Instagram, like Snapchat, like Pinterest, like Periscope. Those are social media platforms that are gaining popularity quite recently.

If you are very prolific and if you have enough time in your day, I would say the more, the better. The more platforms do you own in social media, the more chances you have that people will actually see you. Here is the actually simple problem because time is limited for all of us. Then, to do all of the platforms right, to do all the social media profiles right, it takes very significant amount of time and we don’t have that. We don’t usually have unlimited amount of time during the day. I would say, keep in mind that maybe it’s even better to concentrate on the few, the most important ones, the right and masters those platforms first, master those social media accounts first. Only then expand if you have enough time and leverage as well. They all differ in their own, so to say, the specificity. They have their own particular audiences, their own techniques that work or doesn’t work.

For example, Facebook is very well suited for visual information, short messages, even more personable information. Twitter is very short instant messages that usually happen around us. People like to document what’s happening around us, so that’s what works in Twitter. It may or may not work in LinkedIn for example, it’s more professional network. If you have a difficulty in joining other people networks, unless you are familiar with them and unless you have previous connection, work connection or business connection in advance.

In LinkedIn, there is more specific information, valuable, more professional, more expertise required than on Facebook. On YouTube, of course, these are great ideas for video content but YouTube doesn’t really like long form content. Two or five minutes is basically quite enough for Facebook for you to hold your viewer’s attention. As on LinkedIn, they have a great articles which are long form content, 1,000 words or more.

Keep in mind those different things that are required on each social media platform. In Instagram of course, these are pictures. Most people submit instantly to that platform. If your blogging is very visual, if your field is very visual, then Instagram might work for you too. For starters, I would say, you choose just a few crucial ones and master them. Only then expanding to the other options.

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