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Blogging Secret Tips – Discover the Hidden Secrets of Video Blogging!

Due to the ever growing changes and advancements in technology, the art and simplicity of the 'written blog' is slowly falling to the wayside. In this modern day and age more and more people are turning to video blogging for all their entertainment needs. No longer is the written word of regular blogging holding the attention of the masses.

Make A Connection With Video Based Blogging

One of the greatest blogging secrets is the power of video. Creating video blogs allows your followers to truly connect with you on a more personal level. They can match a name with a face. This is very important for many people throughout the world. When your blog viewers actually see you and hear your voice they can gain a much stronger connection with you than they ever could from your simple writing.

Video blogging is very simple. You can still maintain your current written blog and come back it to time and time again, but now you can also add video elements to your blog to simply enhance them. All you need is a web-cam or digital camera wherein you can film your blogs. You can then simply upload these videos to a website such as YouTube or Viddler and can embed the videos in your blog. This allows your thoughts and opinions to be expressed and heard in a much more brilliant manner.

These blogging secrets will make your blog more popular and will reach a new generation of followers. You may gain such success that you can even begin to make money from your blogging videos. There is no denying the power and personal level that videos can bring to your blog.

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