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Blogging – Great Tool For Building an Email List

People say that creating niche blogs is a great way to make money. Not only is it a great way to make money but it’s also a great way to start building an email list. The reason that I say this is that you can start collecting emails via Aweber on your blog and because you have people that come to your blog on a daily basis they feel they can trust you more and more and by offering a free report or free gift this makes it a lot easier to collect their emails.

No, building a email list is really really so important because a email list is like a way to build relationships and make new friends. With this being said you can now market to them over and over. If you build your relationship with them from the start by offering them free ways to make money or give them useful tips then they become more responsive and that’s what you want more then anything is response.

You can have a list of 60,000 but if they aren’t responsive then what’s the use of having a list of that large a quantity? I have made more money with a list of 1,000 then people I know with email list the size of a mountain all because I focus on building a steady long term relationship with them before I start to sell them to death. Focus on setting up a blog with great unique content and building relationships with your readers and you will have life long customers and more importantly friends.

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