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Blogging – An IMPORTANT Business Marketing Tool

How effective is blogging as a marketing tool?

You would be surprised. A blog that is regularly maintained and marketed properly can be extremely effective in driving attention to your products and website. However, you can’t just put a blog on your website and expect it to take care of itself. You need to be engaged with your bloggers, direct conversations, and market your blog in effective ways. Here, we will look at four key strategies for marketing your blog and turning it into an effective lead-machine.


One of the first strategies serious marketing bloggers use for increasing awareness about their blog is posting comments and becoming engaged in other people’s blogs. Communicating on other people’s blogs allow bloggers to hear your writing voice, allows you to introduce yourself, and creates opportunity for you to express your ideas.

You should search for blogs that have already attracted participants you are trying to target. These blogs have large numbers of followers who have a strong interest in the topic of your website. The content of your posts on these blogs should drive the conversations to a higher level. Try to increase interest in the subject and make good and well-thought-through comments. If you disagree with someone, it can actually be more interesting for readers. But you should make sure your point is clear and rational. Furthermore, you should show respect to all bloggers and be open to discussion on various viewpoints. This will make people feel more comfortable communicating with you.

While communicating with people, you can insert links of your own website, articles, or products. If your links are relevant and naturally fit into the ongoing conversations, you would be surprised how effective these posts can be in driving traffic to your site.

Establish a Strong Foundation

Many companies choose to incorporate a blog into their website. This can not only improve your website’s SEO ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, but it can also encourage your bloggers to simply and easily view your products. Other companies prefer to have a separate website for their blog. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to have your own URL. Self-hosted blogs like WordPress Blogs allow you to edit and modify themes, formatting, and the outlay of your blogging account. It gives you more control allowing you to create a blog that appeals to your audience.

Make your blog SEO friendly

Many businesses try to increase the SEO ranking on their website by increasing the quality of their website content, inserting quality links, and refining various keywords. Blogs can also be extremely effective for improving your SEO ranking. When posting comments or replies, you can try to insert various keywords (and create conversations about these keywords) into your comments and replies. However, it’s important to remember, if you start inserting keywords into your messages and these keywords sound very awkward or makes the conversation take an unnatural swing in another direction, your posts may begin sounding more like a sales pitch than a blog discussion. Guard against this temptation.

Organize a Seasonal Plan for Your Blog

At the core, your company blog is a type of content marketing. There is a strong need to post information that is interesting, applicable, and up-to-date. To help you organize your products/services around various calendar events (such as seasons, public holidays, and major events) it’s extremely effective to map out when you will discuss various pieces of company information. Have an organized blog calendar ready for when your company will marketing items throughout the year. Magazines are notorious for offering various ideas at specific times of the year and containing a diversity of information like interviews, hot news topics, and major relevant events. Put on a magazine mindset and map out a seasonal blog plan that contains content and will create interesting and relevant conversations.

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