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Blogging – 4 Effortless Steps to Modern Business Blogging

Modern blogging tracks its roots on the first virtual corkboard where individual messages are posted on electronic bulletin boards. It is moderated by an individual or a small group and organization. It evolved into online diaries and journals which are used to record the daily experiences of bloggers.

Today, blogs and bloggers have redefined themselves and started what others call as power blogging. These days, blogs are no longer just diaries or discussion sites; they are also used as tool to earn money from the Web. Some use blogs to market their products while others post articles to generate massive traffic to their main websites. You can also use blogs to add vitality to your online business. You can do this in 4 effortless steps as outlined here:

1. When you create a blog, make sure that its name icons whatever products and services you are offering. Make it simple but catchy like, 'The Shoe Expert Log' if you're into selling shoes or something like 'Super Article Man' if you're into article marketing. In this way, readers can easily determine the contents of your blog and this could generate targeted traffic.

2. List your blog in as many blog directories as possible. You can also submit your blog address to major search engines. It may take three weeks to a month before your blog can get listed, so you can use the time to add content and optimize your blog.

3. When you post something in your blog, do not forget to tag it. This will serve as a key word so that your posts can be categorized by the blog host and readers can easily get to your blog. Make as many related tags as possible to widen your audience share.

4. Add widgets to your blog that lists your hot products and special offers. These widgets are linked directly to your main web site or ecommerce site and serves as a window to your business.

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