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Bicycle Friendly San Francisco Tips

San Francisco on a Bicycle is a blast. There are so many destinations and adventures that one could ride for a week and still not get to it all. The Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard St., Golden Gate Park, Ride the Embarcadero, it truly is endless.

The Golden Gate Bridge is an exhilarating ride. Stop mid-span and look down, it make your toes tingle. You are so very high above the water. The Sausalito side of the Golden Gate Bridge offers a rest area and fabulous San Francisco Views. At the start of the bridge one may pause to read of the bridges history and observe a huge slice of the bridges suspension cable.

Lombard St is fun to add to a ride. The East end of the street is arguably the most crooked street in the entire world. As you arrive you will have to laugh as you realize people live on this street. Then as you look at the guard rails you will once again chuckle as you see all the scrape marks from the cars that could not navigate the treacherous curves at a blazing 10 miles per hour.

Golden Gate Park is a haven within a city. Very bicycle friendly, the park offers some wonderful riding trails. The East end is almost completely shut down to cars, furthering the freedom of the ride. The west end is the ocean, what more would you want for a rest area?

The waterfront ride along the Embarcadero is also a tremendous ride. One can make the ride as long or short as is desired. There is a wide array of attractions along the path with a variety of places to grab a snack. Many benches are along the waterfront with grassy parks sporadically available, when a rest is wanted.

Segway tours, native to the bay area, ads a new dimension to San Francisco touring. This provides a very unique alternative to a bicycle that allows one to tour effortlessly keeping the fresh air from the waterfront in every breath, without pumping bicycle pedals. Segways have revolutionized walking tours. The hills of San Francisco can pose a challenge to walkers. Segways have met the challenge.

San Francisco is a very bike, segway, or walking friendly city. When the city by the Bay is taken in through these manners it provides a unique experience that will be remembered for years to come. Give it a try!

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