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Benefits of Email Marketing to Your Business

When it comes to increasing your sales & marketing ROI (Return on Investment), nothing compares to the simplicity of a direct, well-presented email marketing campaign. Ensuring your business stays front and center in the eyes of your clientele, is one of the immediate benefits of a well constructed email campaign. Today's fickle customers have far too many options. Staying one step ahead of your competition is not only good for business, it's paramount to success. This article looks at the benefits of email marketing.

Campaigns Improve Customer Retention

You've likely heard that it's four or five times more expensive to find new customers than it is to sell to existing ones. Well, those estimates are correct. Improving customer retention, while guaranteeing your business has the right of last refusal, is a key component of business growth. Email campaigns help accomplish this by incentivizing customers with well placed advertisements designed to illicit a buying response.


Traditional marketing approaches, such as print, magazine advertisements, catalogs or brochures, require a significant financial outlay. Once their completed, they're even more expensive to change. Email campaigns are live, constantly changing and those changes are easy to implement, and inexpensive. Not satisfied with the results? Then change them. It's that simple. Try that with conventional marketing approaches!

Ideal for Up-Selling & Cross-Selling Initiatives

Email advertisements are ideally suited for those instances where you wish to up-sell or cross-sell customers on new products and services. Interested in using pricing discounts with your best customers in order to incentivize them to purchase? Email makes that happen. Up-selling & cross-selling are methods used by the largest and brightest companies.

High Conversion Rates

It's one thing to locate potential customers, but it's something else entirely to get them to place that first order. With the right email campaign your sales & marketing plans can be woven into one, all inclusive email advertisement. Not only will it help with customer retention, but it will lower your company's costs of finding and converting potential customers.

Companies benefit from email because of its ability to be adaptable to today's constantly changing business environment. In addition, the right email campaign can compliment all other marketing initiatives while ensuring your business is at the front of the line.

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