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Basics Of List Building – Name, Email Address, And A Relationship

I'm not going to talk a lot about building a list because you can read hundreds and hundreds of pages about building a list, and if you really think about it, it boils down to two things. Number one, it boils down to traffic. Number two, it boils down to getting their name and email address. The way that I do that is I create what's called a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page whose only function is the opting in of subscribers; getting them to give you their name and email address, that's it.

Most of my squeeze pages, 99% of them, there's no other link. You can not get anything else without giving me your name and email address. That's how I force the people that really want information from me to give me their name and email address. It's really a no risk situation because the system that I use, if they do not want to be on the list anymore they are just unsubscribe at the bottom and it's over. If they want to send me an email they can get off, so it's really a no risk proposition for them. Do not make it any more difficult than this; send traffic to a squeeze page. Send traffic to a squeeze page. There's no magic, there's no voodoo, there's nothing special about it. Just build a squeeze page, send traffic to it and then you'll have your list. The one other thing that you need is an auto-responder. You've got to have somewhere to build the list into. That certainly has nothing to do with the marketing end of it but you do need an auto-responder.

The third thing that you need to do is you have to build a relationship with the list. You guys are on a number of lists; some people send you emails every single day or once a week asking you to buy something from them. Other people build a relationship with you, and if you're getting 100 emails a day from a number of different sources-and I realize some of you get two emails a day and some of you, like me, get 1000 emails a day. Let's just say you're somewhere in the middle and you get 100 emails a day. My guess is you only answer or open three or four of them, and probably what happens is the three of four that you open are from people who you trust.

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