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Basic Building Block of Starting a Profitable Blog

Are you tired of your Day Job? Don’t like your Boss or any other reason. Then you need to read this article and understand how you can start your own Profitable blog using the most popular open source CMS. Read about the Top 5 Most used Content Management Systems at the end of this article.

If you want to Start your Career in blogging and want to become a Problogger like Darren Rowse, Jeremy Shoe Money, Danile Scocco. Then you need to first know the basic building blocks of starting a blog.

Basic Building Block for Starting a Profitable Blog

1.) Deciding your Budget

First decide your budget, what you can spend each month online. Though you need not want a huge money to start but you will definitely need some Cash for your Projects and the basic Domain and Hosting Fee.

You can also start a free blog on Blogger.Com by using a Free Google Account. This system is totally FREE and you can monetize your blog too with AdSense and other advertisements.

And If you want to start like a Pro, then register a domain name using and Host it on Blogger for Free for Lifetime. This will just cost you $10 per year and you will also get a Google apps engine account too.

If your budget is around $100 per year, then you can start by purchasing a domain as well as the web hosting server from bluehost, ipage or

For a low cost hosting account, you can also choose, or even

2.) Choosing a CMS

A CMS is a content management system that works on WYSIWYG Editor. If you don’t know the Coding and all, then no worry. Just choose a CMS to start Blogging.

The most Popular Open Source CMS’s Online:-

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Blogger (not a CMS)

If you have not even heard about these CMS’s then I recommend you to start blogging with either or Choose WordPress to start your Blog.

This is actually a series in 3 Parts to Learn the blogger basics and to learn how to start creating a blog with blogger. More Articles in this series will be published soon.

For WordPress:-

Choose a Webhosting like bluehost, hostgator, ipage, webhostingPad or any other webhosting company that offers one click installation of Popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more and start learning WordPress.

To learn WordPress, start using and search for some article there:

  • How to Write a Post in WordPress?
  • How to Create Categories and Tags in WordPress?
  • How to Install WordPress Themes and Plugins?

Once you go through these videos, then I recommend you to Install “All in one SEO Pack” plugin.

That’s all you need to know about starting a blog with WordPress.

For Advanced users, Follow the same tricks if you want a complex site or a community based site then you either Drupal or Joomla and see the online tutorials onyoutube.

For Drupal

After Learning the Basics of Drupal, you can install the “SEO Checklist Module”

for drupal and this one module will take you towards your goal.

3.) Choose Your niche

Choose your niche very carefully. Use Google AdWords for choosing a niche for you. Open any directory like or Yahoo Directory and See other Blogs and get ideas from there.

Mark your level and see on what niche you are interested in and on what niche you can write something new and unique that can sell some products also.

Be very careful before choosing any domain name and be very specific about your niche. If you are the only Person to start blogging, then choose a small niche, get some cash online and then invest the Money in your further projects.

Don’t just put up everything from online games to mobile selling, casino’s, horoscope and more on a single site. This will end you up leaving blogging within a year.

4.) Learn Some Content Writing Tips

Google is GOD when it comes to organic traffic. Write very interesting content that people love to share. Use Google to search for how you can write a good article that converts or use the phrase “How to write a good article”.

Don’t be confused while writing and don’t forget to get your opinion and ask for your readers too. Be very clear, what you are writing about and research about it Properly.

5.) Learn the ON-PAGE-SEO Basics

SEO is search engine optimization and is of two kinds. One is On-Page SEO and other is OFF Page SEO.

Both are equally important, but first of all focus on the ON-page Seo First and then go for SEO.

ON-Page Basics SEO Terms you should know:-

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description – Meta Keywords
  • Heading Tags
  • Keyword Specific Post
  • Do not over Optimize your Keyword.
  • Link your Content
  • Use Clean URL’s / Permalinks.
  • Don’t stuff Keywords.

6.) Be focussed about your niche

OK! You have now registered a domain, and hosted it somewhere and choose say Blogger or WordPress. Almost all bloggers daily want fresh content ideas for their blogs. And in need to the Fresh Content, they crawls a lot of blogs one by one. SO, they started thinking a new topic everyday on their blog.

If this is your case, you will end up losing everything because you can not perform good in every topic or niche.

Make a Plan, built a strategy and then only start your 2nd blog. I mean to say, be very focussed when creating your blog. Don’t just write any article randomly, this will loose your reader interest and your’s too in a few days.

7.) Link Building

Once you have followed all the six steps, then you will have to Learn the Biggest Hurdle in your Blogging Career. Blogger’s Hate to built links, but this is the only way to succeed in blogging.

You either built links manually or hire an SEO Firm, but be careful about their reputation. Links building is a time consuming Process and it is not to be learnt over night. You need to learn it step by step.

The list if endless on how to built links, and no body will help you if this will become your weak part in blogging.

I recommend you to first try the basics steps in link building:-

  1. Learn about Anchor texts.
  2. Blog Commenting.
  3. Submit Site on Whois checker Sites to get instant backlinks.
  4. Make Social Profiles on Feedburner, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Google Plus, Digg, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Reddit, Delicious, and gain some quick authority backlinks.
  5. Post your Content to other Social Bookmarking Sites.
  6. Make Profiles on Forums.
  7. Write Guest Articles for other Blogs.
  8. Submit site to RSS Feed Submission Sites.
  9. Write content for Article Directories.
  10. Post Classifieds.
  11. Submit site to online Reputable Directories like Dmoz.
  12. Create Free blogs on sites like blogger, typepad, tumblr,, weebly, hpage and get links from there.
  13. Write articles for Hubpages and Squiddo.
  14. Learn about Web 2.0 Sites and also learn about the Google Wonder Wheel and Wheel Link.
  15. Forum Signature Posting.
  16. Most important, write the content that spread virally and people will want to link to you automatically. This is the most important and effective method of link building.

8.) Built an Email List

This is the very basic and important thing you need to start from the very first day. Make a target and ask people to subscribe to their content if they like it. This will help you when you will launch your Product or you will start another project.

As an average example-1000 emails means $1000 per month if you really releases a product or eBook that really converts well.

Though building an email list will require you to Buy a monthly subscription Service for the Email list management. But you can register a free account at to get your 12000 emails free for every month till 2000 email subscribers.

You can also buy a software like Send-Blaster to mass emailing.

9.) Built your Online Social Presence and reach your Audience

Building your online presence will give you a brand name and reputation. People will love you when they know who is the person behind it. Either Make a group on Google groups, linkedin, Facebook groups or Join already created groups owned by someone else.

Be active on twitter and if Possible make a channel on YouTube about yourself, your brand, your content.

Social Networks are the best way to reach to the trageted audience and you can earn thousands of dollars onlinw when you know how you can promote your products and content virally.

If you don’t own any product, then you can try to promote other People’s product from clickbank or Amazon. You can also make your own digital product like Writing an eBook about something and sell it online.

10.) Monetize your Blog

You can monetize your blog in a number of ways. The best and most effective ways to earn money online are as followed:-

  • Affiliate Marketing (Commission Junction, Linkshare, Amazon, Ebay, Google Affiliate Network.)
  • Google AdSense (Simplest and best way to Monetize the blog Quickly.)
  • Cost per Impression based Network (Tribal fusion, ValueclickMedia, Technorati Media Ads, and more.)
  • In text Ads (Infolinks, Kontera)
  • Sell Services Online.
  • Sell Ad-space on your site. (Buysellads, Blogads, Text link ads.)

Making money online list is endless and this can’t be explained in this article. You can stay updated with my author url at ezinearticles to SEE my future articles or you can also check out my blog in the resource box.

Read about the Top 5 CMS that are most Popular and frequently used in the world of blogosphere.

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