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Bag Your Dream Guy and Keep Him for Life With These 5 Helpful Tips

A ton of books and magazines currently exist out there teaching you how to bag your dream guy. Unfortunately, not a lot of these books and magazines will teach you how to keep him for life while you're at it. So, what techniques can you use to make guys wanting more of you as each day goes by, then?

1. Shower Them with Tender Loving Care.

While most guys may act tough and rough, the majority of them are actually total babies inside who wants nothing but care and attention. If you want to bag your dream guy, you before have to shower him with as much tender loving care as possible. See, if a guy ever feels like a girl is ignoring him or no longer cares about him, he may start to search for happiness somewhere else altogether.

2. Be a Total Mystery.

Guys are generally pre-programmed to love puzzles and chases. So, if a guy has a ton of trouble reading you and understanding you, then he will most likely try his best to find out more about you as time goes by. If you want to make sure that he stays addicted to you, as well, then you have to have a total mystery for as long as possible.

3. Impress Them in Moderation.

If you want to bag your dream guy, you also have to make sure that you impress him with your talents and uniqueness without going overboard and bragging too much. Nobody likes a know-it-all or a vain girl, after all. So, be absolutely modest whenever you speak and guys will love you more for it.

4. Promise Them Absolute Freedom.

All guys out there wish that they will always be able to retain their "freedom" even when they are already in a relationship. So, do not pressure him or make him feel like he lives in a prison. If you hold onto a guy too much, he will want to become free of you all the more – remember that.

5. Be Worth His Time.

While guys do tend to look at a girl's looks before anything else, they will want to look for something more fundamental once more time goes by. Because of this, you need to show guys how smart, intelligent and witty you are. If you can prove that you are much better than the rest of the other pretty girls out there, then you are sure to stand out and bag your dream guy in no time.

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