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Auto-Responders And Their Varied Uses

There is an email sitting in your inbox. You click it, read through it and just as you are about to hit the reply button, you see a sentence – “This is an automatically generated email; please do not reply to this message.”

We’ve all come across such mails at some point. These electronic messages are generated by what in strictly technical terms in known as an auto-responder. An auto-responder is a program that can be adjusted to generate automated replies. It can be sent out from any email address. When auto-responders were first introduced, their primary function was to alert senders of an error because of which their emails could not be delivered to the intended recipient. The message would provide details of the error so that it could be rectified and avoided in future.

Stay Connected Even While You Are Away.

Later versions of auto-responders were designed for better email management. One objective is to inform a sender of the temporary absence of an email account holder for instance when people are out of office or when on a vacation.

Better Customer Satisfaction.

There is yet another use. People who generally receive bulk emails, but do not have the time to reply to all of them instantly, adopt the system to let senders know that their mails have been received and that they should expect a reply soon. This gives them enough time to write personal replies without coming across as careless and irresponsible.

Auto-responders to build Interest in Business.

The popularity of internet marketing, particularly email marketing has added one more angle to the uses of auto-responders. This automated-reply-generation system is now being used as a powerful marketing tool. Business owners use it to manage their email marketing campaigns effectively and thereby build interest in the minds of potential customers for their products and services.

If you have ever opted in for emails or newsletters, you might notice that whether or not you log in to your email account daily, you will find a mail from the respective company or website. Also, you will be surprised to see that each day it comes around the same time. Does the business owner sit in front of the computer the same time everyday and deliver messages manually to all the people on his list? No. He automates this business task using an auto-responder. He sets the program to the task and the program in turn fulfills the duty as instructed. One can use it to deliver sales messages or to send reminders. It can be used to deliver educational and training material in segments. Additionally, it can be used to confirm unsubscribe requests by customers.

Such business automation helps business owners save time and money which they can apply to more important business operations. Not only this, it allows you to connect with past customers as well potential customers.

A Note of Caution.

Auto-responders reduce half the hassles in email marketing. However, they need to be used responsibly to achieve the desired results. There are a few tips to keep in mind when using auto-responders.

• Whichever auto-responder service you sign up for, read the instructions carefully and take time to understand the system.

• Do not send out too many or unnecessary messages.

• Instead of a sales pitch, write messages that have a personal touch to it.

• Send out messages only to those who have opted to receive them. This will prevent your mails from being labeled as spam.

• Test run the system before you use it in your email marketing campaign.

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