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Auto-Responder Profits

Keeping in regular contact with your customers, both prospective customers and your regulars, is the key to profitability. Anyone who’s in business today knows that if you don’t serve them, someone else gladly will.

Simple as it sounds, staying in regular contact with your customers and prospects requires considerable effort. And that’s a big problem for small business owners who frequently play many different roles in the course of a single work day. Smart business owners know that if there’s a proven way to accomplish a task, it usually makes sense to take advantage of that method.

That’s why when it comes to building an opt-in mailing list and converting more website visitors into paying customers, savvy business owners are using auto responders. .Auto responders are web-based email marketing applications that helps small businesses develop and manage email opt-in lists and a lot more.

What’s an opt-in list anyway?

An opt-in list is comprised of the names and contact information of the people visiting your website and it’s as valuable as gold in the world of Internet marketing. If you’re not capturing this valuable information, you may as well be throwing your hard-earned money out the window.

That’s because first-time visitors to your website don’t typically do more than visit your site. They land on your site, push a few buttons, see what you have to offer, and usually they’ll leave after that. And chances are good they won’t be back unless they have a reason to return. That’s why it’s so important to capture all those names the first time around because, like making a first impression, you might never get a second chance to do this.

In order to get those names and contact info, you’ve got to be willing to give something up in return; something your prospects and customers will find useful like a newsletter subscription or a free report. With your freebie advertised on your website and your squeeze page ready to capture those names, you might wonder why you need an Auto responder.

And that’s a good question

You’ve driven traffic to your site, you’ve offered something of value and you’ve captured your gold potential – the names and contact information of people who so far seem interested in what you’ve got. All of these are crucial first steps, but you’re not done yet. Now you’ve got to keep your website in front of these people so they think of your company rather than your competitors.


By following up with them regularly and often. And that’s where a sophisticated yet simple-to-use automated unlimited autoresponder can really help. Just import your existing client list, and put up a newsletter sign-up form to capture new visitors and you’re ready to market your business online!

Statistics show that it takes anywhere between 4 and 7 views of an offer before a prospect takes action. Someone may very well have the intention of buying your product or service but, before the prospect clicks that buy button, the phone rings or the baby starts crying or the prospect can’t find her credit card. No matter what the reason is for not buying, you can rest assured that your prospects will have a better chance of coming back later if you do a good job of reminding them.

The Best of Both Worlds

Now just imagine if you could combine an Auto responder with a sophisticated tell-a-friend program? Imagine how much more profitable your business would be? Best of all, you could increase traffic to your website and grow a huge mailing list all at once!

Your visitors provide you with referrals while being simultaneously added to your mailing list.

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