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Attention Affiliate Mangers – Andy Hussong Tells All As He Launches JV Attraction Formula

Here's an event to beat all events, because Andy Hussong finally speaks. He's about to reveal all those trade secrets which have led him to succeed in the internet marketing world. He's ready to bare all his secrets, as he embarks on a major launch – a juicy tell-all on the famous JV Attraction Formula. It's all systems go, with the pre-launch beginning on September 28th, 2010 and escalating to a major launch on October 5th of this same year.

One major challenge you've always faced is how to attract already-successful JV partners and affiliates into your program. Applying the JV Attraction Formula can help you out with this. It tells you that you do not have to struggle any longer with persuading top affiliates to sign up as your JV partners. You will now have a more systematic approach to gaining more affiliates.

As Andy Hussong tells all, he shares with you invaluable tips on how this attraction can be done. You just have to incorporate certain steps to make your affiliate program work. Here are seven of these steps all summed up:

1. First, you need to create a JV Attraction Page which pulls people into your website. It works like a funnel, so the term, the "JV Attraction Funnel".

2. The next step is to send out welcome emails to potential affiliates. This is your way of introducing your concepts to them and making them more familiar with the areas of your program. It's highly-critical that you motivate them at this point.

3. To help new members measure their marketing efforts, you should set up a JV Control Center which monitors everyone's performance. It becomes an important hub where people have access to info and stats.

4. While you're at it, maintain a JV Blog that keeps people informed and motivated. It is interesting and relevant blogs which reach out to people and communicate with them on a level they can understand.

5. Make use of a JV auto responder to address your members' need for more training and exposure. As a learning technique, it should include many tips and strategies which come in handy for those who want to go into joint ventures.

6. Integrate a JV Support System into your affiliate program. This helps answer any questions people may entertain, and it solves any problem you may have on directing more traffic to your site.

7. Last but not least, we've saved one of the best tips for last. It involved incorporating a JV Recognition and Rewards Scheme into your program. It's one of the most powerful strategies which most affiliates use because it can be very stimulating to people.

Andy Hussong tells all in this seven-step approach. It is quite good at both attracting more affiliates and motivating them to help promote your website. In the end, it is both your products and services which benefit from all these joint ventures. Apply these tips consistently on a monthly basis and you will observe how your success rates improve dramatically.

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