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Article Profit System – 3 Ways to Extract More Cash From Your Article Marketing

When it comes to article marketing there are 3 ways that I want to show you how you can get more money out of your articles in no time flat. If you follow these ways you will find that they actually compound and will grow & that will allow you to make even more money & profits off your articles.

Article Profits Strategy #1:

Double the amount of articles you are getting written and you should double your traffic to your site. I know this sounds dumb and obvious but understand this – don’t just write twice as many articles – get other people to do it for you.

This way you just double your traffic but don’t have to do more work.

Article Profits Strategy #2:

Double your optin newsletter subscribers from your articles! If your going to get traffic from your articles & double the amount of articles you have written for you, then you need to double your optin rate to get even more money from your articles. If your optin rate goes from 10% to 20%, that means that twice as many people are giving you their name and email as before.

But remember – you doubled your traffic! So now four times as many people are giving you their names and emails because you have doubled your traffic & doubled your optin rate.

Article Profits Strategy #3:


Double the prices of your products! The reason this will work is because they are probably under priced and unless you raise your prices you have no idea if the same amount of people will pay double the price. A lot will!

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