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Article Marketing Tips – 3 Tricks You Can Use To Get Better Results From Each Article

Using article marketing as your primary source of Internet marketing is a very smart idea, as there are thousands of impressive success stories online of people who have built amazing online business using nothing more than article marketing as their tool for growth. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to write articles for maximum results, and for the first time I am going to give you exactly what you need to do for maximum results for your efforts.

The three things I do that bring me outstanding results for my article marketing efforts include:

# 1 – Use a 2-pronged title approach

A title that read "How to become an expert article marketer" is not even close to being as effective as "Article Marketing – 3 Tricks For Becoming An Expert Article Marketer". Notice the 2-pronged approach to the second title here, where I've combined a powerful keyword with a more descriptive title, well this is a powerful trick that few people are using. When you take the time to put together a quality title you are taking the first step to getting a huge increase on the number of clicks to your article.

# 2 – Use BOLDED bullet points

It is not enough to just break your article into different sections, because without bolding you are still not catering to the reader's need to scan. Start BOLDING all of your headings and you will notice that more people make it through to the resource box, which is an essential part of achieving more success with your article marketing.

# 3 – Use a direct resource box offer

Nothing drives a reader away faster than a resource box that tells them who you are and what you've accomplished. They do not care and you should not waste their time with it, instead you should offer a direct offer to download your free product so you can get more information into their hands in as few words as possible. The resource box at the end of this article is a perfect example of skipping the fluff and getting to the offer.

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