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Article Marketing – The First Step to a Prospect-Pulling Resource Box at the End of Your Articles

Article marketing requires a certain type of mind set in order to be successful.

Now some people reading this article have gotten scared already because I used the work marketing. Let me make two clear distinctions that are part of the mind set necessary for successful article marketing.

Distinction One – Selling vs. Marketing

Selling brings up notions of a pushy unethical salesperson trying to get you to buy something that you really do not want. This has nothing to do with article marketing.

Marketing is simply letting other people know what you do. So article marketing is simply letting other people know about your articles. In your resource box, marketing is letting other people know about what you do and where to find more great articles like the one they just read.

Nothing slick here. Creativity is required to discover and create as many ways as possible to let others know about your articles.

Distinction Two – Selling vs. Enrollment

This one is crucial for a prospect-pulling resource box. Selling is often thought of as one time event, a one time transaction between customer and seller.

I'm not interested in one time sales. I'm interested in long time relationships. So in your resource box, you want to approach it with the notification of enrollment. For our purposes, enrollment is inviting the reader into your world in which you have many things to offer them.

An example of one of my resource boxes would be "For more tips and tools on creating a great resource box, you are invited to visit ……" and then I give the url.

This is the necessary mind set to have when creating your resource box in article marketing.

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