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Article List Building – List Building Using Articles

When building your list using articles it is important to remember

to keep the wording simple, the article short and the subject as

close to the point as possible in order to keep the sentences

flowing and your reader interested.

Building a highly responsive opt in list of targeted customers is

easy using articles because the people who are opting in to your

list are requesting more information about your area of expertise

based on what they have already learned of you by reading your


Some people advertise affiliate products in their resource box at

the conclusion of the article and do quite well in terms of profits.

However, this is a list building article, so the primary objective is

to give your reader a reward for sticking with you and to give

them something for free that will be a value to them for life and

can very well be charged for as a product if you weren’t giving it

away for free.

This will add countless more subscribers to your list simply by

providing good quality content and giving them your best selling

product or course away as an ebook that they can download and

use immediately.

When using articles for list building, remember to choose your

keywords wisely. Article directories like this one will allow you to

choose the most appropriate category and then to name your

article with a title that includes your keyword.

This will ensure higher placement in the search engines as well as

more of a targeted acquisition of subscribers. Also, you can include

your articles on your main web site.

You can also use all of your articles and make them into a single

course to sell and make profits. Combining about 10 articles on a

single subject of good content that provides value to the reader will

do quite well in terms of sales.

Using high ranking article directories to publish your articles in will

increase the perceived value of your product and the caliber of your

expertise in the niche.

Remember to download the free ebook at the bottom of this article

in the resource box to learn how to build your list for free.

Happy list building!

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