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Another Method For Building 3D Characters

Another method for building characters is by breaking the body into an upper and lower half. If your character has an obvious waist, then this type of modeling might work best. Essentially, you would use one or two objects for the top half and a similar method for the bottom half. Then, using either Boolean Union or just attaching via Editable Mesh, you can connect the character at the waistline.

The best feature about using this method is that you will find it animates the best, especially if you can hide the waistline through clothing or a belt or something similar. Lastly, you can build a character one side at a time-basically splitting it right up the middle.

Some animators find this method easier because it means that you can simply mirror over the entire model and you have a complete character. The primary fault with this type of modeling is that it restricts your character to being symmetrical.

Of course, you can always edit one side of the body afterwards, but that can be extremely time consuming, especially if you spent a great deal of time already modeling the first side. The second problem is that because the seam runs right down the middle of the character, it may become noticeable when the character is animated.

A character modeled with separate top and bottom halves. The seam at the waist can be easily hidden with some other object such as a belt. Finding which technique works best is a matter of trial and error. After some time, you will discover which technique is better for the type of character you usually model and you will stick with it.

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