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Amway Global Scheme – The Truth

So are you looking to join Amway Global and currently researching to find out if Amway Global is a scam or not?

Amway currently operates in over 80 countries around the globe, having been established in 1959 as a company called Ja-Ri and later in 1963 changing their business name to Amway. In 1999 the founders launched a sister internet based company called Quixtar. In 2001 Quixtar replaced the North American Amway brand with most independent distributors moving to Quixtar, whilst the Amway brand was still used throughout the rest of the world.

In 2007 the brand name “Quixtar” would be replaced with the worldwide brand name of “Amway Global”, this is when Amway Global was born.

Amway sells retail products via distributors who earn a commission of between 3% and 25% of their business sales volume. distributors also earn a commission on introducing new distributors and earn a residual income of the sales of distributors that they introduced.

So is Amway Global A Scam?

My observations would indicate that Amway is not a scam, this does not mean that you are guaranteed to make money from home using the Amway business opportunity. The same applies to all network marketing or business opportunities you need desire and dedication to succeed along with the knowledge of how to promote a business opportunity online. in the case of Amway you also need to have the dedication to get out there and retail the products.

The PROS of the Amway opportunity are that you have the potential to create a large residual income, feel like you own your own business because you can create financial freedom and they have a support network in place for distributors.

The Cons of the Amway opportunity are that it could take several years to reach the benefits mentioned above and the products are generally overpriced which make them hard to sell. The Amway opportunity also involves direct selling and personal recruiting.

The majority of money is to be made by building your own team of distributors in Amway. If you decide to join the Amway Home Business Opportunity then I would recommend not taking the advice of your sponsor when he or she tells you to make a list of your friends and family and schedule a time to discuss the business opportunity with them. If your friends and family are interested in a home business opportunity then you will know because you know your friends and family.

You are best to use basic and simple Internet marketing techniques to promote the Amway Opportunity. With a blog and some basic training you can reach people who are interested in your opportunity or similar home business opportunities.

My feeling is that there are better income opportunities online that do not involve direct selling and the sale of overpriced products. If you are joining to join Amway as a distributor then at least you can be sure that you have done your research about the Amway Global Scam, I’m sure this business opportunity is not a scam but there are easier ways to create an additional income.

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