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American Bulldog Training Tips – Modifying Dog Behavior Problems

Caring for strong-willed and stubborn American Bulldogs is not easy. However, the rewards you would get from succeeding in training him as your ever-loyal companion would definitely become worth all your effort and hard work.

The only way to succeed in giving your pet some dog training lessons is to know more about him first before giving him various tasks. This would help you pinpoint which of your dog’s behavior problems should become your priority. Try to find out how he usually acts when he is alone and compare it with how he behaves when other people or strangers are around him.

If your dog shows signs of not wanting to be around unfamiliar faces, he might need more socialization activities. The innate personality of your American Bulldog makes him feel suspicious of other people or animals unfamiliar to him. Your dog would be more prone to fighting with other dogs and animals or even barking at your neighbors if he does not receive enough socialization activities.

You should also try to observe how your dog acts whenever you leave him alone in the house. Pretend to go out of the house without bringing him with you and observe how he reacts from afar. If he starts howling, barking, and even digging your lawn, there is a big possibility that you are not giving him enough exercises and activities. The best solution to this kind of problem is to keep him satisfied with physical and mental exercises and to give him sufficient amounts of daily exercise.

These are only some things you should include in your American Bulldog training sessions. Whatever dog training method you choose, just make sure that it would help you foster a healthy relationship with your dog.

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