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All About List Builders and Why Building Your List is More Important!

What are list builders? Generally, how they work is that the service gives you the chance to use it to send out to thousands of their leads. You do not need to have a website or even have an autoresponder to make this work. Some services like these include List Joe, List Bandit and the like. However, there are huge downsides to this.

For one, the leads are usually not responsive since they are mailed countless of other offers from people who are using the list builder too. If you don’t have money, but want access to a list however, then using such services are viable options to get started with and even practice your ad writing skills.

However, you do want to build your own lists eventually. Your own lists will be much more responsive. You should always seek to build your own lists and not the list of someone else, which usually happens when you are promoting affiliate links. So build your own business and your own mailing list and then promote affiliate products.

You can then use the list builders to build your own list by mailing out offers to see your squeeze page, then funnel the leads from the service on to your own list, where you can market to them from a less competition heavy environment.

Right now, I use such services to build my own list. Typically, anytime I mail out, I get 5-10 leads, so it’s not bad in terms of effectiveness. I would recommend using them, but to build your own mailing list.

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