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All About Blogging

A blog is actually short for web log. A blog is a website that displays entries in reverse chronological order. The term blog could also be a verb, which would mean to add content or maintain a blog.

A lot of blogs today provide news or commentary or general information about a specific subject, while others serve as personal online diaries. Typically, a blog has text and images along with links to other relevant web pages, blogs and other related media. Readers of blogs are able to leave comments using an interactive format.

Blogging used to be a method used to be able to comment to an existing web page. The first forms of blogging can actually be traced back into the 90s. However the art of blogging became known only in 1999. The original blogs were websites which were link-driven that had personal comments. In fact, the very first blogs made were Internet web tours that were human-guided.

Occasionally, it became an opportunity for readers and other visitors to post their reactions or opinions regarding the content of a certain web page. After a while, what started as just a one-sentence commentary became pages and pages of personal comments and essays about all kinds of subjects.

Today, as the art of blogging continues to advance further in the technological arena, it is considered as a trendy way to earn more with its Internet marketing capabilities. Those Webmasters who have been struggling to keep their websites regularly updated with fresh content, which would make visitors come back regularly for more features, have found blogging to be the ultimate answer.

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