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Affiliates Marketing Tips – How to Stay Motivated?

Most people begin in Affiliate Marketing to earn some extra money, it's sold as an easy way to make money, and some people even quote that you can make money for doing nothing. I feel I should tell you that this is not true, it is hard work, and you do need to put some hours in, however this is mostly in the beginning and as you become more experienced it becomes easier and easier and you will be Putting less hours in and making more money. I've never met anyone who has started doing Affiliate Marketing who is not excited. Excited about their new venture, their new money making online business, this is obviously great because it means that they are going to give it everything they can.

Unfortunately due to many Affiliate Companies not delivering what they have promised, people can soon become frustrated and de-motivated. Once you become de-motivated it's very difficult to try and continue to do something, and even more so to do it well. Unless you are extremely disciplined, which some people are. Before I go on to explain some very easy self motivational techniques I think it's important that you understand that if you are working with one of the best Affiliate Companies then, they will themselves assist you and to some element keep you motivated. They achieve this by helping you set realistic goals, offering you training and support, and by maintaining contact to ensure that you are progressing as you had hoped, unfortunately there are more Affiliates Companies who do not do this than the ones which do. Therefore it is particularly important that you research and find the best Affiliate Scheme for you.

If you are working with the right company and feel yourself becoming less interested or de-motivated the best advice I can give you is to stick with it, remember why you first joined the program, tomorrow is another day and it could be your day.

Motivational Techniques

Within my career I have been blessed with working with many great motivators, people who can inspire you however the one thing which I have taken from all of them is motivation from you, it's free and you can have as much of it as you want .

1) Set yourself realistic targets for your sales. If you've just started then despite it is very possible you could make 10 sales in your first week or your first month, it completely depends on how much time you can afford to your new affiliate program. You, yourself know how much time you have available to invest therefore you should set your objectives accordingly. Most importantly when you achieve your first target reward yourself and reward yourself thereafter for each target you achieve.

2) Have a goal or a dream, as I said at the beginning most people start in affiliate marketing because they want some extra money. As much as I appreciate many people need this money to pay off debts or generally to survive as an Affiliate Marketer you can achieve $ 500 – 5000 per week. What would you do with this money, would go on holiday with your loved ones? Would you buy a new car? Buy your kids something special? Once you have something in mind and you have decided what you are going to do with your new wealth, get a picture of it and print it off 2 or 3 times and stick them up around the house or where you are going to be working , Each time you are feeling down or de-motivated look at these pictures and remind yourself of why are doing this. The key thing is once you have the money make sure you buy or do whatever it was you were going to. Then set your next goal or dream, gradually you'll be filling your life with all those things you have always wanted.

3) Once you are experienced set yourself an annual vision to last the year, what are you going to achieve this year and how are you going to do this for example you might decide that this year you are going to make over $ 100,000 in sales. Once you have a vision which inspires you print it, laminate it and stick it on the wall, again this will keep you motivated and keep you positive ensuring that you are working hard at what you want to do.

4) Stay away from negative people or "neg-ferrets" as they're know. Unfortunately there will always be people around you who will try to bring you down, who will say things like, for example, you've been doing this for a month and you have made any money yet. Just remember the chances are, these people are most likely jealous of you, the chances are they will never have the courage to try and do something different. They would never open their mind to the possibility that you can be successful in doing something different. Just remember that there are thousands of people in exactly the same place as you, the key is to keep going and prove them wrong. From my experiences the best method is to cut those people out from your life if you can, even if you can not I would explain to them that it's important to you and if they can say something positive then do not say anything at all .

5) Join an Affiliate Marketing Forum so you can speak to other people who are in the same industry as you, remember you will not be alone with these feelings, the best thing you can do is to speak to others who are feeling the same, This in turn will give you the self confidence and belief to keep you motivated and positive which will in turn lead to your temporary sales.

I hope that you find some or all of these techniques beneficial, motivation is a strange thing when you have it you'll feel like you do not need it, when you need it, it feels like you can never have it again. BUT you will the key is to find something within you that keeps you motivated and hang on to that thought, feeling or desire. I wish you all the success in your endeavors that you deserve.

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