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Affiliate Programs For Christmas – 5 Profitable Tips

With the increase in consumer spending that happens every Christmas, November and December are great months to boost your income by carefully choosing your affiliate programs and refining your affiliate marketing strategy.

Here are some tips:

1. Choose your affiliate programs with the seasonal buying trends in mind.

Some of the obvious choices include: toys, video games and video game machines (Wii, x-Box etc.) electronic goods, digital cameras, iPods, hand-held games, watches (digital and clockwork), DVDs, bicycles, christmas hampers , wines and spirits, christmas crackers, furry toys, top-end greeting cards, car accessories, travel bags etc.

2. Decide on your affiliate program strategy: focussed or broad

In the most focussed affiliate marketing strategy, you would pick one specific affiliate product – say the Sony digital camera DSC S650 – and just home in on that.

A slightly broader strategy would focus on "pocket-sized Sony digital cameras". Broader still could be "Sony digital cameras" or "pocket-sized digital cameras".

Broader still, could be "digital cameras" for your affiliate program. (Picking "Sony products" would NOT be a good strategy because that's not how people think when buying gifts).

3. Work out how you will focus your SEO effort.

That means deciding on the types of keyword you will go for. For this, you need to adopt the mindset of a Christmas buyer. It would help to pretend you are looking to buy a product for a friend or relative. Go through the process of searching for something suitable, comparing prices and features etc. Make a note of your thought processes and searching decisions and the affiliate product you ended up choosing – and why!

Use that self-reflection – along with basic common sense (!) – As the basis for deciding on your strategy for the picking search terms that you'll use with your affiliate programs.

4. Learn from what other have done.

Pick some of the keywords you plan on working with – and then examine the competition. By that, I mean look at what sites rank high in the search engines for your keywords, and then dissect them!

Study what meta tags they use.

Study what affiliate products they are promoting.

Study how they use the keyword in the text.

Study their "call to action".

Study what other links they have.

Study the structure of their site – the pages they have and how the pages link together.

Study what sites link INTO them.

Then follow their lead!

5. Create a replicable affiliate system

The chances are, once you start making money in this way, you will want to rinse-and-repeat in a different niche with different affiliate programs. SO: make sure you keep your system relatively simple – and document what you are doing. That will enable you to get other people to do at least some of the work when you are earning enough to pay for help.

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