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Affiliate Marketing Tactics – Successful Banner Advertising

Affiliate marketing is one of the most perspective businesses to make money online. Affiliate marketing mix includes own tools and methods as well as techniques of traditional online advertising – banner marketing, blog marketing, e-mail marketing, SEO, article marketing, etc.

Banner advertising is recognized as one of the most successful tools of affiliate marketing. The placement of advertising banner of the advertiser on the website of the affiliate is a part of Display Marketing. When clicking on the advertising banner, user is redirected to a promotional landing page, where he/ she is able to complete a specific action – could be a sale, a registration, etc. to receive commission for.

Banners most commonly consist of graphics and text, designed to attract visitor’s attention and provoke to action. The customer must click on them to be directed towards the advertiser’s website in order to proceed to buy a product. Banner advertising could provoke excellent conversion rates, if done right.

The first step is to define your objectives. Clearly outline the product/set of products you want to sell, the people/businesses you want to sell them to – the target audience, the volume of sales you project, as well as the budget you have to fit into.

Next, knowing all of the above, try to formulate a strategy, that most efficiently will help you meet your objectives. Some of the questions that pend for an answer are: Where to place the banners, so that they reach the desired audience? What should the banner consist of, so that it generates sales? Display Advertising Planners and Designers help us address these issues below:

Choosing the right Media

Planning your banner campaign, you have to first carefully choose the media to use. You have to choose the most appropriate websites to place your banners to achieve maximum conversions. Marketers recommend to identify the most appropriate media according to the following criteria:

– Volume of incoming traffic – the higher, the better.

– Relevance of website users to target audience – you need to advertise on websites, your target group visits

– Advertising banner saturation – avoid websites, overcrowded by advertisement; aim at good balance between editorial content and advertisement as users

– CPC – the lower, the better – of course, met the rest of the criteria

– Competitive products advertisement – avoid placing banners on websites, advertising competitive products

Designing the Banner

When designing the right Banner for your campaign, an advertiser should aim to compose the right mixture of graphics and text, making sure that the result will both appeal to the desired audience, and prompt it to act. The banner should:

– attract attention, in order to divert visitors from the main content of the site

– arouse interest, so that visitors would like to find out more about the product advertised

– give sufficient information about the advertised product, so that customers are not misled

– fit both the message that the advertiser wants to convey, and the atmosphere of the media it is in.

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