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Affiliate Marketing – How Many Products Should You Promote?

Many affiliate marketers wonder how many products they should promote when starting out. It's best to promote only one product when starting out, but after you get the hang of it, you should start promoting numerous products. There are many advantages and disadvantages when promoting a single product will multiple products, but in the long term you want to aim for promoting as many products as possible. Below I will explain why.

When beginning affiliate marketing, you should focus on just one product. Your short-term goal should be to make a substantial amount of money from this one product. When marketing this product, be sure to refine your strategies until you start to make your desired profits. Once you have mastered promoting this one particular product, find more products that you can promote.

Most of the time the same strategies to promote one product will work for another. So the only thing you would need to do is apply what you have learned promoting the original product to any future products that you choose to promote. If you stick to the same strategies that you have learned, you would definitely make money promoting these new products.

Why should you market multiple affiliate products? The two main reasons are that you will be increasing your risk while at the same time increasing your profits. When the popularity of one product begins to die down in the marketplace, you still have a variety of other products that are still making money for you. You always make more money with more potential buyers when you market multiple products.

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