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Affiliate Marketing 101 – 4 Tips to Get You Earning Extra Income With Little Time and Effort

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing’s operation is based solely on the internet and its users. An affiliate (you) usually has a partnership with a business (like a big company) and you would both work together to sell products or services. The affiliate’s job is to find ways to advertise products or services provided by that business and that’s usually done over the internet. For example: writing articles, blogs, putting up ads, creating web pages, posting on forums, and so on are some methods you can use. There are numerous other ways of advertising and almost all those methods are free.

2. How does Affiliate Marketing work?

First off you need to join an affiliate program to become an “affiliate.” And how an affiliate earns income is by successfully acquiring customers to purchase the products or services of that business. In return, the business will reward you (affiliate) with commission. The best part is the internet basically operates 24/7, so even while you asleep there’s always someone else like on the other side of this planet who’s interested in purchasing the product. So income can still be earned while you’re snoozing. As a matter of fact you’re NOT losing while you snooze.

What’s also great is you never have to store any of these products or even worry about shipping it to your customer. The company takes care of all of that for you. Isn’t that great?

3. Which companies have Affiliate programs?

There are tons of big companies out there willing to pay you to become their affiliates. To name a few Wal-mart, Amazon, Apple Inc., E-bay, Target, and even Hot Topic all have their own affiliate programs. But, if you’d prefer to sell digital products such as E-books and computer programs you can use websites such as

4. How do I start?

Here are 5 steps to get you started as an affiliate:

1. Choose the company that you’d like to become an affiliate for.

As mentioned above, Wal-mart, Amazon, Apple Inc., eBay, Target, Hot Topic, and

2. Find and research the product/service you are trying to “sell” for that company.

For example: you choose a product that effectively treats acne and require 3 steps each day like Facial Wash, Astringent, and a Moisturizer.

3. Think about how this product will help the general public

For example: who does this product target? I would assume it’s mostly people in their teens that have acne problems.

4. Try to decide what methods you’re going to use to market this product for those with acne problems.

For example: Many people use blogging sites like, as well as article writing sites like to promote their products.

5. Now here is the last step and that is to write a short help guide showing how the product is effective which in turn will help promote the product. Most importantly, try to write the article/blog as simple as possible and to not make it sound like an advertisement.

Well, this is my simplified version on how to become an affiliate. I really hope it helps!

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