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Accelerate The Secret

The Law of Attraction, the Secret. The Law of Attraction has becoming our part in life and we search for the best practice how this Law of Attraction can accelerate us to achieve our dreams and make it comes true.

It starts to each of us as a powerful creative being; we each create our own reality. I believe this, or if I do not want to believe it, then I may have difficulty aligning myself with the Universal principles of health, wealth and abundance, including the Law of Attraction.

By watching The SECRET movie it shows me that we have interaction with the Great Power and I realized that gratitude was so much more important than just saying thank you. Whenever I have done things I was grateful that God The Almighty has given me those chances to be what I am and when I really want something and then I couple with that an understanding of my nature, of my spiritual being, and the laws that govern me , I will keep going, then nothing will stop me.

Desire and Commitment. If you are constantly in the process of improvement then you will find that your life improves over time. You probably won’t notice much over days that the small changes are changing your life much but over time you will realize that your path is pointing at a whole new destination and most likely a better destination at that.

The desire and commitment has to come from within you. Once you have the desire you have to have the knowledge. That’s where self-help-motivation-source comes in. However, if your true desire is to resolve those situations, then you must recognize that healing or fixing negative circumstances is really all about healing or fixing you.

Never let your mind limit your abundance. The only difference between you and those wealth Gurus is their ability to welcome it with open arms.

Managing the SECRET. There are 5 Ways to accelerate your “SECRET”; I gave you a list of things to do to get connected to your source energy. Our thoughts are energy and we attract and are attracted to the people, opportunities, and situations that are in harmony with what we focus our attention on.

Here are just a few tactics of “The Secrets” that make you successful:

1. be grateful always for what you are

2. Appreciating, this can be written or just mentally composed, but the Bottom line is finding something to appreciate right now.

3. Become aware of your self-talk. You’ll be amazed at what you’re really Telling yourself, always focus on what you want, not on what you don’t Want

4. It is crucial that you identify and eliminate the hidden beliefs that prevent You from becoming successful, then believe that what you want is possible for you and that you deserve it.

5. Time management, you can only manage something you can control. It’s What you do with that 24 hours that will shape your lives. Once it’s gone, You can’t go back and get it.

Visualization and Actualization. The Law of Attraction is not just a matter of thinking positively. Using The Law of Attraction successfully does require positive thinking but it so much more than that. Use your visualization and the actualization in your life, you will discover:

o The most effective people can get focused in seconds when they have to Fit.

o Stop thinking about why it will not work and start thinking about why it Will work!

o It’s the way you “think about things” (the way your brain represents them To you) that controls your moods/states.

o Stop wasting time on the little things – focus time and energy on what Good for you

o Your mood will begin to change almost immediately as you begin to Imagine that in every way you already are the person you desire to be, The ultimate success in the area pertaining to each title’s subject.

o You will be guided to remember times when you did your best, when Everything was going great.

o The law of Attraction gives the picture signals and send them back to your Mind

The Secret lies in being able to break the shackles of negativity and unleashing your mind. Life is full of surprises and exciting moments that by simply looking at them, we miss ourselves. We are so busy doing unremarkable things out there – in the mirror, on the phone, on the PC, in front of the TV and radio, overtaking, adventuring, and endlessly seeking power and status. The Universe will provide everything you need-if you believe it and take the necessary steps to incorporate right thinking into your life.

Accelerate The Secret. So I decided to create a gratitude journal to help me and start designing my dream life. I use my gratitude journal everyday and since I have started using it my life have gone attracting more things to be grateful for.

A simply tip is to actually grab a piece of paper each day and sit down until you come up with 10 ways to improve what you are doing in life.

Take action, you will be guided to see yourself successfully taking all the steps needed to succeed, the planning, taking the right actions, the time management, whatever is necessary. It is all working out in your mind now.

Prepare yourself and your environment. Find a quiet environment which has not busy and loud noise, put on your Attraction Accelerator. Slot your time and schedule to do this every single day. Sit comfortably on the chair since you are going to be on it for 15 minutes.

Put the life into the picture and make visualization as it really happens in front of your mind at that moment.

Learn as much as you can from people who have already done what you want to do! Try to do the things that they do and you will be one step closer towards achieving your goals. Save yourself from making mistakes that will delay what you are striving towards. Learn the right things to do and commit to doing them with dedication until you have what you want. Never stop trying you will accelerate the Secret for you.

To Your Success

B.D. Joenoes

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