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A Quick Start Guide to Blog For Profit

For a lot of people, the promise of an online income has never come true. It’s easy to get confused and lose focus when faced with the variety of ways to start a business online. I’d like to suggest to you an easy to follow strategy to make money online by niche blogging.

What is Niche Blogging?

Perhaps the most important step in learning how to make money with a blog, is to determine what we want to blog about. Although it is preferable to blog about something you know and are interested in, if you really want to blog for profit than it is vital to find out what people are searching for online. You want to find a niche-a very specific small market with active consumers.


I suggest you start by making a list of your hobbies and interests. At this point, do not edit yourself-come up with as many ideas as you can. Even if it’s a topic you don’t know much about-how cool would it be to get paid to learn something of interest?

Using your favorite keyword tool, enter each subject one by one and make note of the number of searches performed monthly. Separate the subjects with the highest number of searches-I like to have a list of at least ten, and I prefer that they each have at least 500 searches monthly. Of course, the more searches the better. Also note down any related phrases that come up, and their search numbers.

Now head on over to Google, and start entering your phrases. Put the phrases in quotations first, and make note of how many pages come up. Disregard any with over 200,000 pages, of course, the fewer the better. With your pared down list of topics, we are ready to set up your blog.

Setting Up

Now you want to set up your first blog. I like to get a generic domain, the kind of thing I can use for any subject. Then I use a subdomain for each topic. So I could have the domain, and put a blog about playing guitar at In this way, I can use one domain name for several niche blogs.


Once you install your blog and apply some basic “tweaks” to help in the search engines, it’s time to start posting. Try to post once a day at first, using your keyword phrases in each post. Make sure you choose and apply an advertising model-the goal is making money with your blog, after all.

If you follow strategic steps in niche research and blog set up, and apply a commitment to working on it every day, you will soon see the ease with which you can make money blogging.

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