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A Home Base Internet Business Make Money Online Opportunity

Beginners, and veterans as well, often wonder whether one’s product or marketing campaign is more important for making money with their online home base internet business opportunity. The results actually depend on your short term or long term view.

Many internet marketers will hype up a product with good promotion techniques and manage to get a lot of potential customers excited. The customers of their online home base internet business opportunity will then buy the product, be disappointed if the product is low quality, but then the seller still makes money and promptly disappears, or does it again with a new identity.

The fact of the matter is that you can make money with your online home base internet opportunity with a terrible product and good marketing. However, you won’t be able to last very long with tactics like that.

A good product with bad promotion earns you nothing for your efforts, unless you get lucky. A good product with good promotion will consistently generate cash for you. A great product with good promotion will do pretty well because of the added benefit of word of mouth advertising. And a great product with great promotion is obviously what you should aim for, since you will make an absolute killing and make tons of money if you organize your online home base business opportunity for that scenario.

So, there are certainly many variables that can be used in an equation to try and discover the degree of usefulness of products vs. promotion. Overall, promotion is going to win out as the more important factor, but you should aim to have both good products and marketing campaigns to maximize your results with the effort you put into making money with an online home base internet business opportunity.

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