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A Guide To Scrapbooking Tools For Beginners

If you are new to scrapbooking and don’t know what tools you need to get started, look no further. Here is a guide to what things you will need to start off with your scrapbooking hobby.

A paper trimmer should be one of the first tools you purchase. This nifty gadget will save you loads of time, as you wont need to cut everything out by hand. There are many different types and makes of paper trimmers, and it is important that you find one to suit your needs. There are smaller paper trimmers that you can buy to start off with and these are far cheaper than the bigger ones and are great for people that are just starting off with scrapbooking. Make sure that your trimmer has measured out markings to make it easier for you to cut and measure at the same time.

Decent sharp scissors are the next tool you will need for your kit. You should get a small pair with a fine tip for intricate cutting jobs. Another bigger pair will suit all the other types of cutting you will need to do that you can’t use your trimmer for. A craft knife is also a very handy tool to have as you can use it to pierce holes for your brads or cut out windows with ease.

A cutting mat is a must for any newcomer to scrapbooking. You will need this to protect your table top from sharp cutting blades and glue. Although you can buy these in any size, A3 or A4 is fine to start off with. Try and buy a mat that shows measurements, which will help you to cut sizes correctly. Try to buy it in a bold color, then you will be able to see the markings through thin paper.

The other essential items that you will need to buy as a new scrapbook beginner are acid free adhesives. There are a few different varieties that will come In handy when you get started.

1. Mounting squares and Double Sided Tape are perfect for attaching flat items to your layouts like paper and photographs.

2. Foam squares can be used to give your page elements some dimension. Foam core used with double sided tape also achieves the same effect.

3. Pop dots are another option to use instead of foam squares, but the choice is up to you.

4. Good quality glue is also handy for sticking down all those bulky embellishments. It is safer to just get some craft glue.

So as you can see, you only need a few items in your kit and you can go ahead and scrapbook to your hearts content.

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