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7 Top Tips for Internet Article Marketing

Internet Article marketing is proven strategy to increase web traffic and ultimately increase sales. However, many believe that this is a single strategic approach where it is truly a multi-dimensional one. These 7 tips may help you in your marketing activities.

  1. Infuse the AIDA Model – Attention, Internet, Desire and Action. Much is written about this proven marketing model and it should be included as you submit articles to the Internet.
  2. Include the 7-P's of marketing. The first 4 – P's are fairly well known product, price, place and promotion. Article marketing also requires 3 additional P's of position, preference and people.
  3. Inject the 3-Q's of quality, quantity and quality. Again quality and quantity are well known marketing tactics. Yet in article writing, you also must quality your prospects and expertise within key areas aligned to your strategic plan.
  4. Demonstrate respect. Business owners today have less time to read than ever before. Respect their limited time.
  5. Hone your writing skills. Writing is a skill and good writers posses that skill above average writers. Many writers have experience as outstanding speakers, consultants and business coaches. However, these skills sets are not always transferable to being an outstanding writer.
  6. Measure your results. Successful marketing begins and ends with results.
  7. Embrace the process – Internet article marketing is a process of continual improvement. The more you write, the better you think and the better you think the more you write. This process needs to be aligned to your strategic plan.

Internet article marketing is a proven strategy to increase sales through increase traffic to your website. As a business coach, I have used this strategy for the past 2 years.

My results now include one business coaching client per month, one additional speaking engagement and numerous requests to sign up for my newsletter. If you adopt a slow and steady wins the race attitude and a commitment to your strategic plan, Internet article marketing will help you increase sales and secure the success that you desire.

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