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7 Printing Tips For Landscaping Flyers

Landscape business flyer printing can be very daunting if you haven’t undergone the process before, and there are lots of things that could go wrong or provide unexpected results if you are not careful. Obviously no one wants a printing job to go wrong, it wastes time, money, and effort which can set a business back months. Here are seven easy to follow printing steps for landscaping flyers to ensure your printing job goes as smoothly as possible and to ensure your flyers are as effective as they can be.


1.      Check everything you have written in your landscaping flyer design before sending it off to the printers. Even if you have already checked it throughout the design process, check it again right before sending it off to the printing company just to make sure. One of the most common errors of printing found today is grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors that can be easily mended prior to printing. If left un-noticed, these errors can have a dramatically negative impact on the way in which potential customers see your business, so don’t let them slip through.


2.      If you have a lot of black coloring in your flyer you may wish to consider applying additional CMYK values into the black elements of your design. This will give the black a rich, dark and vibrant look when printed and avoid dull, grey blacks. This is also another common printing problem that can be easily avoided prior to sending the flyer design off to the printing company.


3.      Ensure your flyer design has the right dpi resolution for your printing company. Typically it is recommended you adjust your image to 300dpi for printing purposes, however in some cases it may be less than this that is required depending on the printers used. If in doubt, a higher resolution is preferable but you can also check with your chosen printing company guidelines to find out more about what dpi resolution they require.


4.      Make sure you have enough bleed around the edge of your landscaping flyers. Bleed ensures your design is printed with no white edges showing because the design actually carries off the paper. Make sure your design is larger than the crop area for your landscaping flyer to avoid this mistake; your printing company will be able to tell you how much bleed they need.


5.      Following on from printer bleed, you should ensure that al vital elements of your design are kept within the crop area of your landscaping flyer. Make sure all images and text are inside the crop area with a suitable spacing around the edges. This will prevent parts of your design being chopped off too early which results in one sided trimmed images, missing text and missing focal points.


6.      Make sure your landscaping flyer design tells the customer you are a landscaping business without the need for text. Your design should reflect your business so make sure it stands out as a garden related design.


7.      Always double check all of the printing guidelines displayed on the printing company website or catalogue. If you are unsure about any part of the printing guidelines they will be more than happy to help you by phone or email to discuss your particular project.


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