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7 Critical Questions Every WAHM Entrepreneur Needs to Ask

Last week, I started a Find Your Passion video series … starting with the basics. How to figure out what your passion is and how to begin to see how you could create a business from an idea, your passion. As moms, it can be challenging to even stop to take the time to do this! I hope I was able to allow you to take a few minutes to really focus on what it is you really are passionate about!

Now that you have some sort of idea as to what your passion is, it is time to ask some critical questions to help clarify your Business Vision! Do you have one already? If so, GREAT! If not, again, take a few minutes and read through these 7 questions to begin the clarification process for you. Be sure to stay tuned as I have many more questions I will reveal in the upcoming posts!

Got your journal ready? Okay, here we go …

1. What is the WHY for me? WHY is pursuing this passion / business so important now?

2. How will this business serve and help others?

3. Who will be involved?

4. How will it enhance / change my life?

5. When it is built, what do I see? Who is surrounding me? Where am I? What am I feeling? What do I hear?

6. What will people say when they think of my business? What will the buzz be?

7. Where do I see it heading? Expanding? Sold? Passed on to family?

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