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6 Lead Capture Page Success Tips That Will Not Fail You

Some marketers choose to refer to it as a "name squeeze page" or "opt in page" or "lead capture page". Whatever the name, the function is the same, it enables you to capture the names and email addresses of visitors to your website so you can follow them up.

The whole idea being that a lot of people who visit your website will not make a purchase first time round either because they are busy at the time, not happy with the price, have not got the time to read through your sales page or something else.

A lead capture page allows you build your mailing list. You however have to send traffic to it for it to do its job.

Here are some tips that will help you create a successful lead capture page that converts a higher number of your visitors into subscribers.

Tip 1: Offer a free incentive in exchange for your visitors name and email address. It could be a special report or a 'teaser' sample of your paid product in exchange for their details.

Tip 2: Make your lead capture page look professional. This does not mean flash and glitz. It just has to be business like so your subscribers have confidence enough to sign up to your list. Treat your squeeze page copy as a sales letter; after all you are trying to 'sell' your free gift. If they do not take the offer you will not grow your list.

Tip 3: Do not put any bother links on your squeeze page. It only causes people to go off to another website. Get the subscriber first then send them where you want to.

Tip 4: Maker sure you make the benefits of your opt in incentive clear for your visitor to see. They simply must know what it is you are asking them to opt in to receive. Remind them your incentive is free. Free still sells.

Tip 5: A call to action. For instance click here to get your free eBook now! People like to procrastinate. Do not let them.

Finally, build trust by including some other extras like audio, hand-written signature or a photo of yourself explaining how you can help your visitor.

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