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6 Easy Ways to Advertise Your Blog

Advertising your blog is a critical part of your blogging work. Today there are more than 70 million blogs out there in the Cyberspace. Without proper advertising for those blogs, you have a slim chance of making it to the first year before frustrations and resentment sets in, when you do not get what you were expecting to get from your blogging work. You can advertise your blog online and off-line and you may choose to do so with paid advertising methods or you can do them for free!

Here are 6 ways to advertise your blog.

Banner Ads

This is probably the simplest way to use, to advertise your blog. They are probably the largest attention grabber with those large size texts, and graphics. Banner Ads although can be quite costly to implement.

Text Link Ads

Text link ads are actually proven to be the most effective way as they resemble the natural form of web content. People are shown to click more on text link Ads than on Banner Ads.

Pay-per Click

PPC or Pay-per-Click is a great vehicle to advertise your blog. The nice thing is you only pay for the clicks you get.


Be the star of any forum with good, quality posts and you can get fundamental traffic and subscriptions to your blog! Everyone enjoys a sprinkle of humor every now and then so use it to your advantage. This is indirect and subtle advertising for your blog! You can also purchase pixel ads that are available on most forums.


Some blogs sells ads spaces that you can buy for a low fee. Ask wherever you will be charged per size of ad or per impression made.

Flyers, Brochures and Leaflets

While this may seem too costy if you are blogging for pleasure, the benefits can pay off if you do it in high density packed areas such as shopping malls and related residential areas. Choose the area suitable to distribute your materials, for instance, if you are blogging on sports betting, do not distribute flyers to religious groups and during Sunday church gatherings.

Select the method of advertising most suitable for your budget and keep track of your ROIs. Be flexible in your approach and you will soon get those visitors and subscribers that you need.

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