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5 Top Tips For Creating Blog Revenue

Creating blog revenue is simply a matter of properly setting up your blog with various income producing products and programs, and then getting as many new and repeat visitors as possible to view your pages on a consistent basis.

So here are five easy ways for you to begin generating a blog revenue.

1. Google AdSense

The first thing I want to talk about is setting up your blog to offer the Google AdSense affiliate program.

If you have a blog, putting AdSense on it is very easy. If you are not a member of the Google AdSense program you will need to apply for it first. Just go to the Google homepage, click on the advertising programs link (bottom left) and follow the instructions for setting up Adsense.

Once you are approved you can add different block sizes of ads to each post just by clicking on a couple of buttons. This is something you will want to play with in your account when you are setting up your blog and when you are posting various articles to it.

If you use another form of blogging platform, such as, there are plug-ins that can be installed that will instantly add Google AdSense ads to various locations on your blog including your header, sidebar, footer, and in the body of each post.

The AdSense revenue that you earn is paid each time a visitor clicks on one of your ads. This can range from a few cents per click to as high as multiple dollars per click depending on your niche.

Over the course of a month this passive form of revenue can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

2. Banners

Another good way to make money with your blog is to add banners to various affiliate programs that you can join for free.

The key here is to join affiliate programs that match the theme of your blog. For example, do not put cooking banners on a music blog.

You can join affiliate programs and be assigned an ID number that is coded in each banner that you place on your blog. Each time someone clicks on one of those they took to your affiliate webpage, where if they make a purchase you earn a commission.

Banners are great to add to your blog because they add color and excitement as well as give you another form of income when you make a sale.

3. Hyperlink Keywords

A third way to make money blogging is to hyperlink keyword phrases in each blog post back to a sales letter or associate page where you are offering a product.

As you get better at doing this you can even upload pictures and hyperlink those pictures back to sales pages. is a great place to find affiliate products to sell related to almost any blog article.

It's the largest information e-book affiliate program in the world and once you become a Clickbank affiliate you will have access to thousands of potential products that can earn you money on each sale.

4. Sell Advertising Space

Number four in my blog revenue tips is selling text link advertising to other bloggers or websites.

If you do not want to, or do not have time to find people to sell to individually you can investigate companies like Text Link Brokers and make money selling text links through them.

Your blog will need to be established before you can start offering this, as potential advertisers will only be willing to pay good money if their ads are going to be seen by a large amount of traffic.

5. Build That List

The final way I want to discuss is building an opt in e-mail list.

By adding a sign-up form to your homepage, and every single other page, you can capture names and e-mail addresses for future follow-ups in an auto responder.

This is a very smart way to make money from your blog because it gives you a way to follow-up with visitors in the future that you would not otherwise have.

You will also hear many experienced marketers keep saying 'the money is in the list' and it is estimated that each person on your list should make you, on average, $ 1 per month so, build your build up list to 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000 and you can see what potential this technique offers!

Ok, so there you have it, my five favorite ways to create blog revenue.

There are many, many more ways to make money with your blog, and as you begin to develop yours it is just a case of implementing the ones with which you are most comfortable.

My advice is to have at least 5 or 6 different income streams set up so that if there are any problems with one of them it's not going to hugely impact your overall blog revenue.

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