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5 Tips for Improving Your Email Open Rates

Email marketing is all about communicating to your subscribers via email. However it is no good writing great emails if your subscribers are not even reading them. Because of this fact you will need to be sure that you have a high open rate. You want your subscribers to read your email not just send it to the trash bin. Here are some points to help you to do this:

1. Subject line: it is important to make this good. It needs to make your subscriber curious so that they will want to open your mail. Once they open it you have your chance to give them your message. Have you seen the mail you get from the various lists you belong to? Study them and see what they did to make you open their message. Put the person's name in the subject line and if you are sending out a newsletter put the newsletter name in the subject line.

2. Quality of the email: remember to make your emails good. Write them well and be sure they do not have any spelling mistakes. Above all make sure that they do not have any hype. This will encourage your subscribers to open mail that comes from you.

3. Personalizing your email: As mentioned remember to put your subscriber's name in the subject line. This will encourage them to open your email. Once opened you will want them to read it so try to personalize the email too.

4. Spam checking: spam filters can be set off by trigger words. Always check your mail before you send it. Some autoresponders offer this feature. It will save your mail from getting discarded before your subscriber even sees it.

5. Tracking open rates: This is very important. Make sure your autoresponder has this feature. It will only work with HTML emails. This tracking feature will also tell you which links in your email have been clicked. This is also useful as you can use this information to gage the amount of interest your subscribers have for certain products and services.

Studying your open rates is a vital part of your email campaign. With these few points you can easily tweak your emails to get a better open rate and response to your emails. Like all marketing campaigns you will need to check and track your campaigns carefully for maximum success.

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