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5 Secrets to Getting Rich With Personality

1. Be A Super Hero – When I consult with beginner, and even veteran marketers, one constant object I hear is that their personality is not interesting enough, or more commonly phrased as the question:

"Why would anyone listen to me?"

The answer is because you're the most interesting person in the world, or at least your persona is. Have you ever seen those Dos Equis commercials with the "Most Interesting Man In The World?"

"The Most Interesting Man In The World"

He's always surrounded by the most beautiful women on earth who can not wait to hear what he says next.

Why? Because he's the most interesting man in the world of course. My question to you is …

Is he real or is he fictional? I'll answer for you, he's a fictional character. And a damn good one at that. Just one look at him and you're immediately intrigued. "What's this guy all about?" In his character, lies the first and most dangerous tool in your arsenal for making mega bucks.

Do not be you. Be the "Super Hero" you.

Create the most interesting character in the world to speak to your audience through and they will listen. What's that I hear? "How?" Sit down and think about who you'd like to be, jack it up 17 notches or ss, and then, and this is key …

Write that character's back story. Where did the character come from? What beliefs does that character hold? Is he or she bold? What brought that character online to entertain through email? Speak and write from this voice and an instant magnetism you will create with your audience.

Mr. X actually runs five different email newsletters, within which, when he writes, he's never himself. He's always, for that niche "The Most Interesting Man In The World" and all five of his auditions eat it up. Being a "Super Hero" pays.

2. Controversy That Can Make You $ 500,000,000 – There is nothing more boring or worthless than a person without an opinion on anything.

One of the biggest mistakes all new marketers make is to try to be exactly that – Boring. Never offensive, never taking a stand on anything, and never taking any risks.

No One Likes This Guy.

Why would you want to know, let alone read emails, from him?

I, for one, delete every boring "white bread" email that shows up in my inbox and I suggest you do the same.

There's something funny about people.

Most are scared. They never voice what they really think for fear of not being liked, but …

If someone with the balls to say what they're thinking comes out and says it – that same, weak, scared individual, will rally behind the fearless and highly opinionated person as instinctively as a moth being drawn to a flame.

Your prospects are silently screaming to be lead by you. They want you to tell them what to think. They want you to say what they can not. You do that and they will fall in love with you. Think hard about how you can be more controversial and maybe one day you too can get $ 500,000,000 deal too.

Let me put it to you this way …

Howard Stern, THE most opinionated radio personality in history did not make a $ 500,000,000 deal for his radio show by NOT having strong and controversial views on everything.

Meet Howard Stern – The $ 500,000,000 Personality Marketer

The average individual fears offending others, the great one does not because the "Super Heroes" of personality marketing know the secret power of controversy. It polarizes your audience. Let's know know where you stand, and whether they like it or not they WILL listen.

The average Howard Stern "fan" listens to his show 2 hours a day, the average "objector" listens 2.5 hours a day. Controversy gets attention, entertains, gives people a reason to "tune in", and makes you rich.

3. Which side of the bed did you get out on? – I do not know about you, but every morning when I wake up I roll over to the right, wipe the sleep out of my eyes and step out of bed.

"That Magical Moment Just Before Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning."

Never do I think about it. Never do I check to see if the ground is going to be there. I just get up, roll over, and put foot to ground. Why such blind faith? Simple. The ground has always met me in the morning as I stepped out of bed. I've never had any reason to think it ever wouldnt.

In other words, I blindly trust it's always going to be there because it's ALWAYS BEEN THERE. Our days are full of these knee jerk habits fueled unconsciously by blind leaps of faith built on experience. Use this to your advantage in your marketing. Here's what I mean …

If you consistently share cool stuff with your family from afar via your email newsletter do it daily and at the exact same time. This consistent repetition, whether you know or believe it, is your secret key to anything you want in life.

Here's why …

Just like the ground meeting me every morning, if you show up in the inbox of your subscribers every day at the same time you're creating that same daily consistency as all the other constants in your life, my life, and your prospect's life.

Over time it leads to trust.

They know … you're going to show up at a certain time and because you always do you've won their trust by shear consistency alone. A quick story from Mr. X – by applying this strategy he's had people print out his personality based email massages every day and hand them out around the office.

Because he was consistent and writes with personality and a little controversy sprinkled he's had singular people, by word of mouth and print paper, grow his mailing list by 153 people by hand. Consistence creates trust, trust creates value, value creates wealth.

4. Tell Me A Bedtime Story – Did your mom ever tell you bedtime stories? Mine did. I remember as a small child I could not wait 'til bedtime. I would pull out my favorite book " Green Eggs And Ham " and I'd say "Mommy read it to me again."

My Favorite Book As A Child – "Green Eggs And Ham"

The one trick pony of influencing the human mind is the power of story. It never got old. Get good at telling stories, use them often, use them over and over again and they will love you for it. It's a mistake to think that your stories have to be grandiose in nature to be effective. Anything, as long as it's a story, qualifies. I've personally shared stories about evicting crack heads, and Mr. X has shared stories about the quality of toilet paper at Morton's Steak House.

Even One Ply Toilet Paper Can Provide Fodder For Riveting Stories

The funny thing is, people just can not get enough.

A subtle, but powerful thing, about stories is it's not how epic the story is that determines it's entertainment value, it's the level of personality and realism. Be real. "How do you get good at sharing powerfully entertaining stories?" It's simple. Read stories, newspaper columns, books, watch movies.

Take note of what's powerfully compelling to you, and then simply adopt the styles you like and practice over and over again. There's no other option but to get good, and when you do … Shazaam! The touch of midas will be yours too.

5. Do What Oprah Does – What Does Oprah do? Whatever the heck she wants. And so should you.

The Queen Of Personality Marketing – Oprah.

Do not impersonate yourself to only discussing topics you believe relevant to your "niche." Talk about what's relevant to you. Oprah's show topics are purely her desires and so should your "email episodes be." It's a mistake to think that your reading audience wants to be educated day in and day out. The truth is, they'd much rather be entertained for 5 minutes reading something riveting (and what's riveting is what you decide is riveting).

Remember your audience is not made of robots. They're people, flawed, quirky, and real. They gossip and have opinions on more than just the topic of your business so yeah … go there. The novice marketer is flat, they have no opinion and their emails read like the instructions on the back of a box of "Shake 'N Bake."

Shake 'N Bake.


Because they falsely believe that their audience is as one dimensional as they are in their urgent need to earn a quick buck. On the flip side, the wild successful personality marketer does the opposite. They know and exploit the fact that we're all human and we all yearn to be surprised and entertained.

They know that they can bridge any topic, any story, into a good reason to take another look at their product or service. They know that even before anything else that entertainment, controversy, and being larger than life supersedes all. They go there first and then simply bridge the gap. If I can make money talking about evicting crack heads to a bunch of network marketers and Mr. X can make money talking about toilet paper quality to health nuts do not you think you can to?

Tyron The Crack Head Sprinkling A Little Crack On His PB & J.

You can, and your level of belief in that truth will, at the end of the day, will put you amongst the ranks of the rest or the best.

Are you ready to be one of the best? Really ready? … Let's see – Watch this .

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